My Father

October 27, 2008 — 2 Comments

A few days ago I found myself thinking about unanswered prayer. I wondered . . . is it that I don’t pray enough, or pray the right way, or is that I rely on formulas and principles rather than talking heart-to-heart with my Father?

The heart-to-heart with my Father idea brought me up short. Apparently I had arrived at something important in my time of musing. I could clearly see how I had drifted into certain ways to pray about various things, rather than coming honestly to my Father and baring my heart to Him. My prayers of late were “old prayers” prayed from times past. Ways of praying that worked in previous days, but were void of my relationship to my Father today.

Although this revelation challenged me, the aspect of My Father brought it home! I found myself quietly calling to Him, “My Father”, but my heart felt as if I had said, “Hi Dad, I’ve been missing You lately.” Immediately He replied, “Hi Cheri’. Welcome back. I’ve missed you too.”

I am quite sure I haven’t found a new formula for answered prayer. What I have found . . . my heart is communicating honestly, and He is answering. For now, that’s more than enough!

2 responses to My Father

  1. Cheri, I really love you and love reading your thoughts! You have an awesome Father and your relationship with Him provokes me to want to know Him like you do.



  2. I found you over at Tammy’s blog. Love the title of yours and your reason for writing. Thanks for the reminder to be praying from my heart. Sometimes I just don’t even know what to pray any more and that is ok…I just need to tell him. I will be back to hear more about your defining moments.


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