The Sound of Family

October 30, 2008 — 3 Comments

Last weekend my husband Don, my adult daughter, Stephanie and I drove 3 hours to spend the night and next day with our son Dan, his wife Felicity and our precious grandchildren, Jesse, Claire, Ada and Macy. They live 5 + hours away, and sometimes we start missing them so much we all decide to meet in a city half-way between our homes. We stayed overnight in a very trendy hotel and spent the next day browsing shops and purchasing special gear for the children. Though the time together was short it afforded special times of talking and hugging and enjoying simple things like meals together, shopping and yummy ice cream treats.

One of my favorite things whenever any of our family gathers, is to step back and listen to them talking and laughing together. If I listen closely I’ll hear the little girls giggling to one another about something probably no one else would think is funny. At the same time I’ll hear baby Macy talking baby-talk to her parents who are engrossed in a conversation with my husband, while Jesse is teasing his aunt. When my other adult children, spouse and grandchildren are present, I’ll hear the guys laughing at each other as they try to upstage one another.To some perhaps it may sound like a cacophony, but to my ears it is harmonious music.

Occasionally when we’re together, unknown to them, I stop and listen for this sound. It’s a sound that’s more than noise. A sound of hearts connected to one another and of laughter that shares a deep kind of knowing one another. It’s not their words, or the degree of softness or loudness, it’s the message the sound conveys to my heart. They are brothers and sisters, whether by marriage or by blood. They are friends for life! They, their spouses and children matter to each other and their voices blended together create a special sound that causes my heart to be overwhelmed with gratitude. To me, there’s nothing like this sound! I call it the sound of family.

3 responses to The Sound of Family

  1. I love that sound too. I never feel so lucky as I do when I’m with family.

  2. Ah the sound of a blessed heart!!
    I love hearing your thoughts and the sound of God’s voice speaking through you! He is so good and faithful! ……Love, Wendy

  3. One of the reasons I love that sound so much is because it is one of the many & most beautiful & significant sounds that flow from your heart and through your life!

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