Looking Back To See Today!

January 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

Journals fill an entire drawer underneath my bed, as well as a shelf built into the headboard. Over the years I’ve written in journals in order to chronicle the moments I deemed special to my life. Taking time to re-read the entries in those journals is something I rarely do. However, today, while writing on the next-to-last page of another journal, my mind wondered what was at the beginning. Thumbing to the front and landing upon a post written in early 2006, I was astounded by what was recorded there.

It read: “I found this line in the second Mitford book and I just have to write it in this journal! Father Tim has realized he can’t live without Cynthia, and as the realization comes to him he begins running from his place on a hill to his home where she is waiting. As he runs towards Cynthia with the intention of asking her to marry him, the author pens these words: ‘. . . he sensed he had come at last to a destination he’d been running toward all his life.’ “

My journal continues: “I love that quote — and I feel like it states exactly what I believe about this upcoming trip to England, where we will meet spiritual leaders from all over Europe. All our lives we have sought to be in relationship with people who were like-minded about the things God had put inside us. People who weren’t looking for position, but friends who desired to help other friends. So it is with that in mind, regarding this trip to England, that I too say, ‘we sense we are coming at last to a part of our destiny that we have been running towards our whole life.’ “

Looking upon it from where we stand today, the truth of this journal entry is staggering. The trip to England, and subsequent meetings in the years following, joined us to a people and to certain spiritual leaders who are now impacting our lives, the life of our church and the lives of the generations behind us. Our relationships with these leaders have grown and deepened, while our hearts and lives have expanded to see the Kingdom of God in a fresh, new light. The men and women we met in England have become our friends. Friends who are now helping us.

In 2006 we only had a sense that we were running toward our destiny. Today we know we bumped right into it, and the impact has changed the course of our lives forever.


2 responses to Looking Back To See Today!

  1. And to think we’re running towards our destiny together My Friend!!

    Much Love

  2. Love this! I know I am finally running toward the destiny that God had planned for me my whole life. It’s frightening and exciting at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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