“I’m Here . . . “

February 6, 2009 — 1 Comment

My two-year-old grandson Luke calls me “Rram-maw”. It’s so cute how he revs up his r sound and then says it. Often when he comes in the door of our home he’ll call out “Rram-maw I’m here.” If I don’t respond to him when he first calls out, he’ll come running to me, grab my leg and announce “I’m here, Rram-maw!”

I love hearing him declare he’s here! What I don’t know is if his broadcast means he is so happy to be here, or if he’s aware how happy we are because he’s come to our house. Either way, it is such a precious moment and melts my heart every time.

Lately, throughout my day, I’ve heard Jesus saying the same thing Luke says. “I’m here!” It has occurred at random times as well as times I’ve set apart for Him. Times when I have been driving my car to school, walking up to the front of my classroom to teach, waking up from a nap, or just sitting in my family room during my small group. Each time He says it I’m caught off guard, yet immediately drawn to Him. I instantly become very aware of His Presence.

Then I wonder the same thing I wonder about Luke’s announcement. Is He letting me know because He‘s glad to be with me, or is it because He knows I’m completely thrilled He’s made Himself known to me?

Either way it’s a precious moment that melts my heart!

Mt. 1:23 b “. . . and they shall call His name Immanuel, which translated means, ‘God with us’.”

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  1. This was such a cool blog post!! =)

    I love you Cheri White and SOOO appreciate you!

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