Six words to sum up YOUR life . . .

February 27, 2009 — 6 Comments

Today I came across a fascinating blog post. The blogger shared how she had read a blog where an author had briefly discussed a trend (back-in-the-day) among writers/authors to sum up their lives, or in other words to succinctly write their memoir, using only six words.

Here are a few examples he cited and the blogger found:

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn”

-Ernest Hemingway

“Bumpy road, kissed toad, recovery mode!”

-anonymous blogger comment

“My flame flickers but never fails”

-anonymous blogger comment

Now I didn’t come up with this idea, but I thought this would be so fun and insightful to do on this blog. I love learning more about people and seeing firsthand how much creativity and diversity others have. I know more people read this blog than ever post a comment, so perhaps some of you will find this activity something you’d like to try! Go ahead . . . post it . . . it’s fun!

So here are a few of mine as of right this moment:

“Quietly determined – won’t quit – wants results”

“Never forget–> the heart is resilient”

“Hungry for deeper intimacy with God”

So, if you had to sum up your life in six words and six words only, how would you do it?

6 responses to Six words to sum up YOUR life . . .

  1. correction: brevity isn’t my forte.

  2. Here are two ideas I have. I’ll warn you though, brevity isn’t it forte! I’ve seen this before – I think there are two books full of these, one with celebrities and one with others. And every time I’ve seen it I was fascinated but certain I couldn’t do it properly for myself. These might work though:

    I was learning until the end.

    Was loved, gave love, and lived.

  3. I think your brevity is great! And both of these are really good! When I wrote mine I thought more about right now, and not about my whole life. Either way, it’s fun to try it! Thanks for posting!

  4. Here’s Drew’s:

    Everyone wished they could be me.

  5. Don White said, “Loved by God and by Cheri!”

  6. Slow coasting, unambitious drift to death.

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