Introducing My Niece’s Blog!

April 18, 2009 — 1 Comment

“Please couldn’t we do some creative writing instead of an opinion essay?”

This frequent plea comes from the heart of my beautiful niece Julia after hearing the announcement of a writing assignment that won’t give place to her creativity. As her Composition Teacher I have completely enjoyed watching her ability to write increase and expand over the past few years!

Julia delights in putting her heart on paper and expresses it exceptionally well for someone receiving her driver’s license in about a month. At her young age, everyday life often feels similar to a pendulum swinging between adulthood and adolescence, yet she captures in words amazing revelations regarding these experiences and the questions of life. She brings to her writing a fun-loving, creative, magical energy, coupled with her desire to know and follow Jesus.

Her great love for writing moved her into the blog world this weekend! So if you want to read some amazing insights and revelations seen through the eyes of a godly young teen, head on over to Through My Eyes .

I can testify her posts will be refreshing, unique and challenging! Please leave her a comment and cheer her on in this new endeavor!

One response to Introducing My Niece’s Blog!

  1. awwww Thanks! Your post makes me sound so… smart. lol.

    Love you and thanks again

    (see, I’m commenting!!!!!!)

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