A Mother’s Day Blog Hijacking!

May 12, 2009 — 10 Comments

Hello, my name is Drew White and I have a problem. I love my mom. Doctors have tried to explain this phenomenon to me over the years. There are many theories as to how I acquired LovesHisMommy Disease.

The leading theory is I was raised by an incredibly loving and caring woman whom it is impossible not to love. Others believe it has something to do with my Dad (who couldn’t stop loving my mom even if he discovered she was a crazy arsonist who married him only because she needed a kidney donor and he was an exact match. My dad would still give her the kidney and ask if she needed his other one too).

Still, I don’t think that explains how I acquired such a life-altering disease. The only explanation I can offer is my mom is the kindest, most caring person I have ever met. My guess is if you were raised by this woman, you would grow to love her as much as I do. That’s why I created this blog post for my mom for Mother’s Day (yes, Mother’s Day was Sunday – I know). I wanted to give my AMAZING mother something great for Mother’s Day this year. Since I’m as rich as the homeless guy who lives on the corner of 24th and Cuming Street between the Subway/Gas Station and the old Tobacco Hut, I needed to think of a creative way to express my love and appreciation for her.

My brilliant idea came to me the night before Mother’s Day. Most brilliant ideas strike me far too late (i.e. my idea to create a social networking website 2 years after the creation of facebook). Anyway, the idea hit me to write some of my favorite memories with my mom over the years. I couldn’t just write this on a piece of paper and give it to her. No, that would be too simple. Instead, I have decided to hack into her blog and share my love for my mom to the world! Is this a violation of privacy? You bet. Do I care? Maybe a little, but not enough to stop me and my sister and brothers.

I have also asked them to share in the festivities. You can read their comments along with mine below. Maybe this will provide some much needed insight into better understanding my disease.

Drew’s Favorite Memory of Mom:

I have a thousand Mom memories I wanted to share, but I still stick with one or two. My favorite memory with Mom would have to be the time we went to the College World Series together.

One summer afternoon, I was at home doing absolutely nothing and bored out of my mind. Mom came home and must have noticed I was swimming in a pool of dullness that day. She mentioned to me the idea of going to an early afternoon College World Series game together. I remember being surprised mom would want to do such a thing on a crazy hot summer day. I thought for sure she would want Dad to come or something. Turns out she wanted to go with me and ONLY me! Take THAT older siblings and Dad! The fun part of our adventure was we didn’t have tickets to the game. Mom actually wanted to scalp tickets! How awesome is that? We both had zero experience in scalping tickets. Although, I must admit it isn’t too hard to do at the College World Series. The College World Series is full of shirtless old men looking to sell their afternoon game tickets so they can buy an extra hotdog and nachos for the evening game. Before we left for the game, mom and I grabbed sunscreen, one disposable camera, and cash. Then we headed downtown for a GREAT afternoon together!

I remember the tickets we bought from the scalper were down the third-base line. As soon as we arrived at our seats we realized we were one or two sections over from the shaded seats! It would have been nice to sit in the shade, but we didn’t let it ruin our day. The truth is I can’t even tell you who was playing, the final score, or what inning we left. I don’t even remember if it was a good game or not. What I do remember is having a great time with my mom. I remember how we used up the whole roll of film on our disposable camera that day. We tried to take a bunch of pictures together while I held the camera in my hand. After several failed attempts, our ticket-scalping friend offered to take a picture of us. Thanks to him, we actually have a few nice photos from the day.

I cannot recall what time we left the game but I remember doing some goofy things afterward. As we were walking out of the stadium, I noticed a local tv station left their camera and microphone unattended. I quickly grabbed the microphone while mom snapped a few photos of me delivering a fake, but very important message to the people of Omaha. I think we also took a picture with some bird or turkey that this fan brings with him wherever his team travels. I will have to check with pictures to make sure, but I think that happened.

I know this is a long story and maybe uninteresting to some. My point in writing it is to share one of the many memories I have shared with my mom who is also one of my best friends. I have 23 years worth of Mom memories, but this will always be one of my favorites. It wasn’t memorable because we attended a baseball game. It was memorable because we were together.

I wish there was a word that summed up how I feel about you, Mom. I wish there was a word that could express the joy and happiness I feel by just being around you. The problem is words aren’t enough. You are the best mom a guy could ask for and I love you VERY much! I hope you enjoy these memories and thoughts as much as we have enjoyed (and still enjoy) having you in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

Honorable Mention for Drew’s Favorite Mom Memories:

Early mornings together when I rode with you to drop everyone off for school at the bus stop at Baker’s.

Spending the day together doing graduation stuff (i.e. creating my sweet nursing graduation invitations)

Hanging out together when Dad is out of town. 🙂

Many, many more made the list, but I must leave room for others to write.

– Drew


Paul’s Favorite Memory of Mom:

One of my favorite memories about my mom has to do with the the countless late nights I would talk to my mom about my wife, Revonna.

My poor mother. I would wait until my mom went to bed and then I would come in and pounce on her bed and ask the question I asked every night, “Do you think Revonna likes me?” She would smile and say “I don’t know?”

At the time Revonna, lived in Seattle, Washington and I had no idea if God would one day let us be together. I had good days and bad days, but one thing remained the same – you could expect me to be laying on my mom’s bed pouring out my admiration and love for Revonna.

One of the things I love about my mother the most is even though she is my biggest fan and she loves me unconditionally, she knows my weakne

It was in those times of me pouring out my heart she would point me towards Jesus. She would always ask, “What does the bible say about this situation?”. That was not the answer I wanted to hear but she was right. Jesus had an answer for my situation. It wasn’t time for me to be with Revonna and she knew that. She knew that God wanted to deal with my heart. Mom didn’t shelter or tell me what I wanted to hear. She would tell me what my heart needed to hear and hearing that pointed me towards Jesus. I love that she loved me enough to know God needed to deal with my heart. It was in those days that I learned to put Revonna on the alter and trust God with not only Revonna, but my future. I love that with all us kids, she covered us in prayer and allowed God to deal with the issues of our hearts.

So mom I love you, and I am grateful for the honest heart to heart talks we have shared and will continue to share. Happy mothers day. – Paul


Steph’s Favorite Memory of Mom:

My favorite memory of my mother cannot be relegated to a mere event. Rather, it is a culmination of years of memories. Together, these memories epitomize who my mother is to me.

For some children, growing up comes easily. For me, however, it did not. One of the things I hated most during those years was school. Our home was such a haven of safety and love that stepping out the front door each day felt at times like jumping from springtime to winter. As a result, the first few years of my school career were spent wishing I was home with mom. The one thing that kept me moving forward each day was knowing at the end of the road, mom would be waiting to gather me in her arms. Depending on the day, she would either smile at my stories or soothe my hurting heart. Her embrace was such an integral part of my life that I can even remember the perfume she wore during those years. To this day, it triggers a wave of warm memories whenever I happen to smell it.

My favorite memory of my mother is the joy of coming home to her each day.
– Steph


Dan’s Favorite Memory of Mom:

I’ll try and keep this short as we have already tried our hand at World’s Longest Blog Post.  My favorite memories of Mom (this year) are the talks we had in the laundry room.  I would sit on the dryer, Mom would fold clothes, and we would talk about everything: feelings for girls, dreams for my life, how the day went, or whatever was on my heart.  You might be wondering “why the laundry room”? Well, we were in the laundry room for 2 reasons:

1. It was one of the few places in our house where you could have some privacy from the the Others (not those Others!)

and also

2. I lived in the basement, but in doing so had inadvertently agreed (to learn) to do my own laundry.

So this led to a very natural environment for Mom and I to meet & talk in. And, I think for me this is when I first realized that we were not just mother and son, but we were really friends.

I have heard many people say that you should not be friends with your kids, but I disagree. I think what they mean is you should not be your child’s peer and stand idly by while your child makes poor life decisions. But our mom never did that with us – she was (and remains) one of the truest friends we have because she was always willing to listen, to talk honestly with us, and to stand up for righteousness when we could not, or did not know to. – Dan

So Mom, we just want to say to you that WE LOVE YOU!  Happy, hijacked Mother’s Day a few days late….we’ll blame that trait on Dad!

10 responses to A Mother’s Day Blog Hijacking!

  1. WOW!! Those are some amazing kids with one amazing mother. I’m grateful to be able to peek in your life through the eyes of your grown children. What a legacy and a heritage you have given them.

    I just knew you were someone special!!

  2. Alright you “blog hackers”, I am completely blown away by what you’ve shared! This is an incredibly special Mother’s Day present! You guys are too much — and your shared memories caused me to both laugh and cry! Thanks so much for such a sweet (and incredibly surprising) hijacked blog post! I love each one of you more than I could ever convey in words!!

  3. Du-udes! I can’t wait to talk to John in the laundry room and listen while Drew whines (I mean, comments) about loving a girl, and take Jake to a baseball game just because I can. John and Drew both told me recently that they like being with me better than going to school, so I hope that means they love coming home to me as much as Steph loved coming home to Cheri. Awesome mother’s day gift, you hackers, you.

  4. Too cool, you guys! Way to go. And now we know why Dan still likes doing the laundry in the White House II. Before long, his kids will be sitting on the dryer to talk to him.

  5. It doesn’t get much better than this Cheri’. If your kids are going to be hackers, I can’t think of a better reason to do it! You obviously have some awesome kids. Although I knew if one of them was smart enough to marry that oldest Nickerson girl, there had to be some pretty amazing folks behind that guy!

  6. Thanks Seren, Kathy & Andrea for reading this loooooong, wonderful post and leaving your comments! It means a lot!

  7. What our children have said about their mother is very, very true. She is an amazing person who is very kind and loving and pleasant and is always learning and growing in her relationship with the Lord. She is a delight to know and be married to and I ought to know since we will celebrate 35 years of marriage late this month.

    I love you with all my heart Cheri’!!!


    Oh yeah, the kids are pretty awesome too!

  8. Wow, this is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read. What a beautiful gift to receive!!!

    Cheri’ you are truly an inspiration and reminder to every mother that every moment counts…the big and the small. Most of what I hear in this is BE AVAILABLE…you were there for them, listening, praying, sharing, and doing. I am so thankful I stopped by today!!



  9. To the White House Family!

    Your words were a delight to read causing tears & smiles as I read them. What a beautiful gift.

    These words only prove the fact Cheri, that you are truly loved by all who know you! Your experiences, your wisdom, your thoughts, your relationship with Jesus, your laughter have been shared by those closest to you!

    You are truly a treasure!

    Love you with all my heart!
    Wendy James

  10. I know this is kind of late, but I came to know about this blog only today in the morning… I did read & I do want to comment!
    And thank you and Don for your greetings! I felt like a part of your family!

    Anyway, I'm eager to say that I have a whole year of memories of You, Cheri! I know, that it is ONLY one year..but I benefited a lot from knowing You and the whole family!
    Thank you for being such a wonderful person, bringing smiles and joy to everyone around! Thank you for treating me like your daughter and for being there for me when I had my relationship problems.
    Thank you for all the great days & evenings I spent with you!
    Be happy, optimistic and loved! I think that you're doing a great job in keeping your family together.
    And let me tell you one thing: your relationship with Don and the WHITE FAMILY has become an example for me!
    You are wonderful!

    Your Ukrainian daughter
    P.S. I also hope that our paths wll cross one day. Again. 🙂

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