I Am A Promise!

May 27, 2009 — 5 Comments


Along with her Graduating Kindergarten Class, Claire Felicity White sang the song “I Am A Promise” and left many of us with teary eyes! Could there be any truer words than those found in this song?

I am a promise
I am a possibility
I am a promise
With a capital P
I am a great big bundle of
And I am learning
To hear God’s voice
And I am trying
To make the right choice
I have a promise to be
Anything God wants me to be!

In Claire’s case, being born far too early and weighing less than 2 pounds, we all had to hang onto the Promises found in God’s Word regarding her life. Her twin sister Ellery lived just 9 hours before going to live in heaven, while Claire remained here where she fought to live . . . and won. She really was and is a promise from God. This song says it all!

As we watched her singing, many of us cried as we thanked the Lord for fulfilling His promise to us and allowing us to witness this night of great joy!

Congratulations Claire Felicity White on your Kindergarten Graduation! We are all very proud of you!

(If you’d like to read more about Claire go on over to her Grandma Kathy Nickerson’s blog Mercy Street There you can see a picture of our tiny little Claire in those early days.

5 responses to I Am A Promise!

  1. WOW!! how wonderful to watch your living miracle sing those words! i did not know the story of felicity – amazing.

  2. OH YEAH!!!
    I love watching the little kids at church-and a graduation from kindergarten? What could be better than the unspoiled enthusiam, unbridled joy, and a faith that shames the greatest saints–PRAISE GOD for Claire!

  3. What a great snapshot of Claire’s winning personality in that video! Hurray for Claire!

  4. Thank you for sharing that. Please pray for a friend of ours who’s little newborn must face surgery tomorrow. His cries are silent as his lungs are not developed and his heart was being crushed into his ribcage while in his mommy’s womb. He is now born, gaining a little strength and will have the surgery tomorrow to put everything that is out of place into place. It’s a hard surgery. His parents are in the ministry and this is their first order. Pray for Elijah.
    Go Claire, go!

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