My Gift — Daughters-in-law!

May 8, 2009 — 4 Comments

When I was a young mother of three boys and one daughter, I used to wonder what type of girl each of the boys would pick to marry. To be quite honest I would worry a little, wondering if their wives would like me or if they would think of me as the meddling mother-in-law. Two of the three are now married and I can happily report my relationship to them is something I treasure.

When our oldest son, Dan, fell in love with Felicity, my fears were immediately calmed. Here was a young woman I knew would not only love Dan, but would also love his family. When our son Paul lost his heart to Revonna, I was indeed happy. Having known her from toddlerhood, we had developed a special relationship . Undeniably Dan and Paul have married well!

These two cherished women are now the mothers of my grandchildren and looking toward Mother’s Day I want to make a few statements to give honor to them! They are godly women who love their children deeply, who train them to be followers of Jesus and who instill dreams into their little hearts.

Felicity writes a blog called Rare Rocks. Here is her own description of a Rare Rock.

In real life a precious stone has three distinguishing characteristics: 1) they are strong, 2) they are beautiful, and 3) they are rare. Men and women who live authentic lives of transforming faith would fit into each of these categories!

Both Felicity and Revonna are strong, beautiful and rare! Both live authentic lives of transforming faith! I find my heart grateful and overwhelmed by God’s goodness in giving me a treasured relationship with these priceless gems .

Felicity and Revonna I sincerely mean it when I say you are each a lovely Rare Rock!

4 responses to My Gift — Daughters-in-law!

  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Blessed and Thankful Father-in-Law,

    Don White

  2. Thank you, Cheri! I return THAT compliment wholeheartedly. I love that my babies are “little Whites.”

  3. I read this post and all I felt was loneliness in the depth of my soul for being the one of the three boys that isn’t currently married.

    I also love my sister-in-laws! They are great women and mothers! Both of my brothers married WAY over their heads!

  4. what a great tribute! they are blessed to have you as their mother-in-law.

    happy mother’s day, my friend!

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