The Graduate’s Proverb!

May 18, 2009 — 10 Comments

I’m pretty sure I spent the weekend looking at the screen of my digital camera! While the lens of my camera was focused on our youngest son, Drew, as he graduated from Creighton University‘s School of Nursing, the lens of my heart was focused on the incredible determination and commitment Drew had exerted in order to arrive at this moment!

In our home we have an Original Proverb derived by my husband for our children’s involvement in athletics. I can honestly report either Don or I would deliver this directive to the kids every time they participated in a sporting event or a new adventure in life — i.e. — college! If ever we neglected to recite it to them, they would remind us and made sure we verbalized it again, prior to the event.

The Proverb goes like this: Number 1: Have fun! Number 2: Play/Work hard! And Number 3 (which is the most important): Glorify God!

When Drew first walked into the auditorium in his cap and gown, I was hit with a plethora of emotions. A sense of gratitude and pride filled my heart, while tears filled my eyes! I felt as if I was crying and laughing all at the same time. And suddenly The Proverb came to mind and I wondered . . . how had he done?

Did he – #1 Have Fun? Immediately my memory answered the question. I could see him with his face painted royal blue and white, wearing a cape and some sort of crazy costume as he ran through the campus with his buddy Dan, on their way to cheer for the soccer team. I remembered how much fun he had his first year of college, and how he would stay on campus in his friends’ rooms, and come home with hilarious stories of his overnight adventures. These memories made me smile and want to laugh.

He had accomplished #1!

What about #2 — did he – Play/Work hard? Looking back it seemed there was definitely more hard work than play! Flashing through my head were memories of late night papers, and the early morning stress of “can’t find my paper on the computer even though I saved it”, memorization of preposterous amounts of information, and did I mention the dreaded “preparation for the day of the test”. For Drew the looming tests were similar to a dark cloud covering the sun — until he had completed the test. Once it was over, the sunshine would return and he would fly free as a bird — for a short spurt of time — and then the dreaded “preparation for the day of the test” would settle in on him again. At times I’m sure it seemed endless to him, but his determination to win this battle always impressed me, and kept me praying for him throughout these years. However, it needs to be noted, that Drew has always been able to turn work into play! So . . . through incredibly long hours of study and loss of sleep, he maintained a sense of humor and regularly kept his classmates entertained!

Yes, It seemed he had definitely accomplished #2!

And when considering #3 (the most important) Glorify God – my mind recalled how his decision to become a nurse placed him in the minority simply because he was male. In the midst of a large group of young ladies he built lasting friendships and treated the girls with utmost respect. In “clinicals” he helped his peers, cheered them on and built team spirit rather than competing against them. Though he faced a rigorous college schedule he continued to work in our local church, played drums on the Worship Team, helped in the Nursery, taught in Childrens Church, and found time to visit the kids in our church school. Prayer was a constant in his life as he discovered he needed Jesus to help him with the many and varied aspects of his collegiate life.

Finally, I could only conclude he had truly succeeded in fulfilling #3!

When he walked across the stage and received his diploma my eyes were again damp with tears. He turned and waved to us as he exited the stage and I knew a chapter of his life was closing. Yet, I knew the closing of this chapter would soon lead to the opening of another.

In a few weeks he will walk onto the Pediatric floor of a local hospital and step into the fulfillment of all his hard work. Children and their families will receive the blessing of his life and the gift of God on the inside of him, as he cares for them and allows the love of God to shine through his words and actions! And once again, as he embarks upon this next new adventure we will tell him, “Drew, #1 Have Fun! #2, Play/Work Hard! And #3 which is the most important of all, Glorify God!”

10 responses to The Graduate’s Proverb!

  1. Very well stated Cheri! I thought I was done with the watery eyes this weekend, but you made them water again as I relieved what he did and what we went through believing God with him to accomplish this awesome goal. Drew, we are very proud of you. The first two were givens, but you really did glorify God with your life and hard work and living a fun & joyful life!


  2. “relived”

  3. what a wonderful tribute to your son AND to you & your husband as parents. i must say i found myself jealous, wishing that my children would desire to glorify God. but i know that God holds them and i can't control it.

    you must be so proud and have every right to be. congratulations drew!

  4. Awwww this was fantastic!!! You guys are awesome. And your ‘proverb’ has helped me too! Love you!!

  5. Perfect! I’m so proud of Drew and how he has so clearly embodied this White Family Proverb. That’s a good thing since all four of my children are pretty determined to live their lives just like Uncle Drewbie – except Claire, of course, she plans to marry him! : )

  6. What a beautiful post. I can see why you’re so proud of him.

  7. Way to go White clan. I’m pretty sure Drew’s success is a team effort. And we are proud of him, too. I think often of the nights the aunts and uncles took turns sitting in the NICU with Claire, willing her to grow and thrive. Some of what Drew is bringing to this next season in life was forged there.

  8. So true Kathy! Those nights with little Claire in the NICU helped Drew discover his desire to become a nurse.

    Maybe she subconsciously remembers him staying there with her and that’s why she wants to marry him. 🙂

  9. Awesome. I love this. Way to go, Drew!

  10. Congratulations! This was a sweet post and it is so cool to think of the many lives he will touch as a nurse!

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