Looking For Ideas . . . (Honoring Your Husband)

June 29, 2009 — 5 Comments

This weekend my husband and I were the guest speakers for a Marriage & Family Retreat at a wonderful church in Casper, WY. We stayed with our good friends Dave & Beth (pictured above), whose lovely home is built beside a winding river overlooking sagebrush-covered bluffs. Our relationship with this couple is very comfortable and feels just like family. The same is true of many of the people at Restoration Church — so our time there is always filled with heartwarming moments and lots of fun times.

We began the retreat on Friday evening and ended Saturday afternoon. At one point we did a divided session in which Don talked to the guys and I talked to the wives. He spoke about “Roles and Goals”, and my topic was “Practical Ways to Show Your Husband Honor and Respect”. This subject almost always leads to some very interesting discussion.

One of my points came through telling them of the time when my son Dan and his wife Felicity, were helping their little girl Claire learn to express herself verbally. Rather than tell them she was upset, Claire would react emotionally. When this occurred they would say to her, “Claire, use your words.” This helped her to stop her emotional outburst, think for a moment and then use her words to explain what was upsetting her.

Throughout the rest of the discussion I would tell the ladies, “Use your words” to tell your husbands how much you appreciate the things they do — whether big or small. Perhaps they helped out with the children, or worked on the engine of the car. Maybe they ran errands for you or picked up the house while you were out. Often we appreciate or honor them in our thoughts, but don’t bother to tell them how we feel toward them.” Another suggestion I had was to use their words to thank their husbands for their areas of strength. I am weak with calculating numbers; so If I did our budget it would be disastrous! However, Don is amazing with numbers and I try to tell him frequently how much I appreciate how he handles our finances.

At the end of our time, I had them make a list of the qualities and attributes which had attracted them to their spouse, and specific things their husbands had done which caused them to respect them. After compiling these lists I asked them to use their words by writing a love letter to him. My favorite part was watching them as they sincerely wrote their love letters to their husbands!

So here’s my question to you. What are some ways you show honor and respect to your husband? Next time we speak for a marriage retreat I want to be able to offer some other ideas and examples besides the ones I use. So please help me out and share with me things you’ve said or done to show your hubby you respect and honor him. I will sincerely appreciate any ideas you have to offer!


5 responses to Looking For Ideas . . . (Honoring Your Husband)

  1. Aw, I wish I could have been there (well, really I wish you had come this week). 🙂

    I've been thinking of buying a small gift for Jason lately. Probably not something pricey, maybe just a shirt or something (I don't usually buy his clothes). But I think woman want unexpected surprises from men, and don't often return the favor. Jason would love to know that I was thinking of him and went out of my way to do something out of the ordinary.

    Also, I sometimes like to make something different to eat, break out the tablecloth and candlesticks, and set a nice atmosphere for dinner. Even though we still eat dinner with the kids, Jason knows I did it to honor him.

  2. I love these ideas!! Thanks Eleanor! You're an awesome wife!

  3. I honor Ed by asking and taking his advise on whether or not to…take on a new responsibility, buy something BIG, what to say or consider in a certain situation.

  4. I like the ideas that the other ladies have shared! I have found for my husband it is the little things…making sure there is coffee made (even though he doesn't expect me to), I try to verbally express my appreciation for things he has done/does for us, I tell the kids about the reason he is deserving of honor in front of him! I will remind them of how blessed we are that God has given him to us! I encourage the kids to "greet him at the door" although they usually like to run outside to his car instead yelling "Daddy!" After a long day at work were others may have been less than easy to work with I want him to KNOW how happy we are that he is home! I also take time to make sure I am cleaned up a bit – unless I am in the middle of a project he knows about such as painting a room or something. But I still take the time to go to him, unless he sneaks up on me! I kiss him and hug him and ask about his day. We also go out on dates and I do buy stuff for him – cause he won't buy anything for himself! Just simple things like new jeans or a shirt – he is always blown away that I bought him something! I also seek out his thoughts about situations, etc.. He also likes it if I hang out with him…if he is working on the car or something I will try to go sit and chat. He says he likes my company, I am NOT going to pass that up!

    All of these things I do to show him respect, honor, appreciation but they also encourage me in my attitude toward him because I am continually reminded of how much I have to be thankful!

  5. Thank you Oak of Righteousness and Mrs Rabe!!! I love all your ideas!!

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