“There’s No Place Like Home”

June 5, 2009 — 7 Comments

After we finished signing papers, our new friend walked to the door and thanked us for doing business with him. As he opened the door to leave, he made a statement I have never forgotten. He said, “Your home is very peaceful.” Then he asked, “Have you ever thought about the word home, and all the emotions and thoughts it evokes inside a person?” He concluded, “I once preached a sermon on just the word home, maybe you should too.”

This conversation took place 25 years ago, but still today I remember the connection our hearts made with his words. It was as if God was speaking directly to our hearts. Over the years his comments have continued to come to mind and given me cause to ponder. He was right. The word home causes all sorts of emotions and thoughts. They range from positive to negative, depending on one’s experience. When I think of home I think of a place where I feel safe and secure to pour out my heart, a place where I feel a sense of belonging, and where I connect with those I love. I, like Dorothy in Oz, would agree, “There’s no place like home.”

Lately I’ve been reading The Chronological Bible and came across a scripture I’d never seen before and it caused my mind to again remember our friend’s comments. In this Bible the chapters are sequenced by time not by book, consequently it has surprised me with a new glimpse into the old stories. Another feature is that it occasionally makes short statements prior to introducing a portion of scripture — which is what drew my attention to this particular section near the end of Deuteronomy.

Here it suddenly inserted Psalm 90 prefaced by the statement “Moses probably wrote this psalm near the end of his life.” Then it jumped directly into the first verse of the Psalm which said, “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home.”

The whole thought jolted me with all kinds of emotion, but especially in regard to the word home! I considered how Moses had built a home where God could dwell with His people, how he had led Israel to the threshold of their future home, and yet had never built himself a home throughout the 40 years in the wilderness.

Here at the end of his life I find him declaring to the Lord “You have been our home.” He makes no mention of being disappointed in not being allowed to enter the Promised Land, or regret about years lost in the wilderness. No, it’s evident by his words his heart had found it’s home in the presence of the Lord! It would seem, he had found his security, his safety and his place of belonging in God’s Presence, and not in an earthly dwelling. He would soon pass from this world to the other side, but I have a feeling he had already experienced eternity while traversing the wilderness of this life!

My heart’s response to all of this is a deep desire to touch the reality of Moses’ words and to pray . . . “As I live my everyday life, may I continually experience You, Lord, as my home!

7 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. oh i just love this! what a great picture to see God as my home.

    i always love it when you write, thanks for sharing this today! hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I love it when I discover a Scripture I've never truly seen before. I think I need a chronological bible immediately. What a fascinating way to read it!

  3. This is very inspiring and insightful. Thank you for sharing His home with me and reminding me that I am on a pilgrimage and this world is not my home!


  4. What an awesome revelation!

  5. I love the way you speak/write! =)

  6. Awesome. I needed this.

  7. This is just wonderful Cheri, keep writing!

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