Reversal of Destiny!

August 29, 2009 — 5 Comments

I just finished a summer bible study by Beth Moore, on the book of Esther; and I just have to say there is something so special about studying the word of God with other women! I would also like to say God has given me some amazing women with whom to study His Word!

The final night we gathered for a pot luck meal and then participated in an activity which is a part of the feast of Purim — the celebration that occurs at the end of the Book of Esther. The woman who led us in the activity is Jewish — and I might add — a very funny person. She read Chapter 3 of Esther while the rest of us shook noisemakers in our hands and booed loudly every time the name of Haman was read. We also cheered wildly when the name of Mordecai or Esther was read! We had so much fun!!

The essence of the Book of Esther is what is called “Reversal of Destinies”. In the beginning of the book, Esther, Mordecai & their people, the Jews, are destined to die while Haman (the villain) is “sitting pretty” – right next to the King. However, through Mordecai and Esther’s cooperation with each other and with the unseen God of the book of Esther, everyone’s destiny reverses. Haman is disgraced and killed on the gallows, while Mordecai is exalted and becomes the King’s right-hand man. Queen Esther is esteemed throughout the land and she and her people are delivered from death. What a great deliverance the Lord gave them — and what an amazing “Reversal of Destiny” each one received.

My Jewish friend’s animated face kept us all laughing when we were supposed to be booing as she read the scriptures that night and booed along with us. Looking at her I wondered . . . was Sharon’s destiny reversed because of Esther and Mordecai’s bravery? Had one of her ancestors been destined to die from the edict manipulated by Haman? If God hadn’t reversed the destiny of the Jews in Persia would Sharon be sitting here with us today?

And then it dawned on me . . . I looked at each woman with new eyes! Every one of us seated around the table, had been sinners for whom Jesus had died. At some point in our lives we had turned to Him and by His grace had been delivered from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God. Much gratefulness filled my heart for my friends seated with me and for the gift of salvation that had delivered each one of us! A deep sense of destiny and purpose settled over me and I knew . . . we, like Esther and her people, had experienced a reversal of destiny. And God, in His great wisdom, had knit us together “for such a time as this”.

5 responses to Reversal of Destiny!

  1. WOW… that is SO cool! Thank you for sharing a brief bit of this study with me. The whole thing I'm sure… was life-changing. =)

    What an awesome thing that God will take us, with our direction heading one way and completely turn us around to head in the opposite direction… for HIS glory! I was headed no where when SUDDENLY God took me and turned things COMPLETELY around… so fast my head still spins at times. What a great and awesome God we serve!

    Love you sista!!

  2. oh i just love this post!! we HAVE each received our reversal of destiny.

    i was able to do esther over the winter and have been considering do it again. now you've given me more to think about.

    great to read this post from you! sounds like it was a wonderful night of celebration.

  3. Beautiful! What a wonderful insight!

    I like that phrase "reversal of fortune." We are indeed fortunate!

    Thanks for this!

  4. Awesome. Our God is so good. I'm so glad He did this for me, and for us.

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