Changing Seasons?

September 2, 2009 — 4 Comments

For several days now I’ve been laughing whenever I drive by this tree in our neighborhood. One side of the tree has decided it’s fall and therefore has changed colors, while the other side remains solidly in summer green. Upon seeing it each day, I call out, “Make up your mind!” “Is it summer or fall? “Which season are you in?”

While passing by today (and taunting the tree), I heard that familiar, still, small voice, gently reminding me how often I am very much like the tree. There was no condemnation in the message to my heart — it was simply truth. Honestly, I often want to remain in one comfortable season, when God is trying to move me on into another — for my own good. I am sure if there was a window into my mind, the double-mindedness and the wrestling match would look just like this tree.

I suspect in the next week or two, the “summer side” of the tree will give in to the “autumn side”; and similarly, my heart will give up it’s own will and yield to the changes that are needful. Amazingly, the change that seemed so difficult will shift into normalcy, and the new season will usher in new hopes, new dreams and unexpected joys.

Life will run smoothly again, and hopefully, when a new season dawns, my heart will no longer resemble this tree!

4 responses to Changing Seasons?

  1. What insight. You are such a wise woman. I'm so proud to call you my friend!

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog and becoming a follower!

    The tree looks very cool….I love the bright red color!

    See ya soon!


  3. That is very true Cheri'. Sometimes we cling to the season we are in, even if it has not been so great, because it is "comfortable." The unknown of the new season in our life can seem scary! It always comes down to Trusting and Clinging to the One who knows!

    Thanks for this great reminder!

  4. You're amazing Cheri! I love being your friend and getting these insightful little words every so often. Thank you for this reminder that you even have times where you're not sure and where you wrestle with the next step. All I can say is I've left the "comfortable" and I'm having a great time!! =)

    LOVE you!

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