October 20, 2009 — 4 Comments

She was dressed in a beautiful fluffy pink dress, little white ruffled socks and black patent leather shoes. At only five years old, she walked shyly up the side aisle to the front of the worship center and stood a few feet away from the worship team. She glanced over her shoulder at her daddy standing near the back, then turned toward the team and began to twirl in circles to the music they were singing.

Slowly, one-by-one, the rest of the children came out of their seats and into the aisles to join her in the front. Some of them joined hands in a circle and danced together, others individually hopped or danced and sang the songs of praise! It was a priceless moment!

Finishing the song, yet realizing the need to continue praising, our worship leader stopped and gently told the people she would take a moment to pick new songs and we would stay in the spirit of praise the children had ushered in! As quickly as she began the new song, they grabbed the hands of their nearby parents and brought them into the dance as well! The spirit of praise spread throughout the gathering and many participated with hearts abandoned!

After the praise time a young mom, then an older mom, exhorted us and strengthened us through their words! And then someone quoted the scripture we had just witnessed. “A little child shall lead them.”

She led, all followed and God had His way!


4 responses to Priceless!

  1. WOW!! What a beautiful picture you have painted here! Oh to have the abandoned heart of a child! To worship Him fully without regard to what others are doing! Truly… PRICELESS!

  2. This is a great story, Cheri! I didn't even know you blogged, and here you are with this amazing picture! Thanks for sharing this with us; I love when we are surprised into worship like this. Praise God for the children who lead us!


  3. I can so see it & this is the answer to question that's been burning in my heart. What does revival look like amongst little kids?

    Thanks, Cheri. That was awesome!

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