What’s the story?

October 4, 2009 — 5 Comments

Lately I’ve been reading and studying “Story”. One particular DVD by Donald Miller entitled “Let Story Guide You”, challenged me with the idea of seeing the Story in my own life and letting it lead me into my future. I understood the concept and clearly saw it in others lives, but I had trouble seeing it in my own. However, recent days have brought some pieces together and connected my past with what I see in the future.

Looking back, my life has been that of being a mom. When my children were little this meant far more than making sure they were fed, clean and clothed. It involved discovering who they were, what gifts and talents they possessed and nurturing their hearts as well as their physical bodies.

I found praying for them was also a significant and effective means of nurturing them. God would draw me into prayer, and almost always He led me to pray for my children. If the days were hectic, and I hadn’t prayed, He would awaken me in the night. We would spend an hour or so together and He would help me pray for each child — always concerned with their character and their training. He often illuminated scriptures that would build them up in their weak areas, and I would pray these for them. It seemed He was continually training my inner eyes and ears to pray into their destinies.

Life threw some definite curves at us and I allowed some of those curves to wreck my prayer life for a season. Over time I moved back into more prayer, but still felt something was missing. Recently, some friends prayed with me and I experienced GREAT breakthrough in my time with God. He restored those places where hurt had still been hiding. With this healing came renewed vision regarding my prayer life.

As a result I can see a new perspective! In recent days many young people have come to mind whom God has placed in my heart and life. I have found myself praying for them in the same way I had prayed for (and still pray for) my children. Scriptures have been flooding my mind for each one and their situations. It seems a floodgate has opened and Jesus is drawing me away with Him again! He has been aiming my prayers at a specific target — these dear young people.

Now I can see how God is using the story of my past prayer life to guide me into this prayer focus. Only this time it not only includes my children and their spouses and children, but it extends to other sons and daughters God has written on my heart. The great thing about this story is that the Author knows exactly what He’s doing and how it’s all going to turn out; and I’m completely happy to be a “mom” in His Story!

5 responses to What’s the story?

  1. I think your children are proof that you are not just a mom, but an amazing mom.

  2. Eleanor, you're so sweet! I would have to say I think YOU are an amazing mom!

  3. I agree with Eleanor! You are an incredible mom, woman and friend. I love how you carry people in your heart, and help them find their desiny in God. The example you have set for us (as moms) is helping us find our "story." – Dorothea

  4. Thank you for being a great "mom" to me. I love you dearly Cheri!

  5. What a great post. I love that our lives are a story, one that our children will tell, and their children . . . etc.
    When I think of motherhood and great moms, you are one of the women who pop into my head. You truly are an amazing mom. Thanks for the example you are to me and many others!

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