Absolutely No Removal Necessary

November 9, 2009 — 5 Comments

Several months ago Don and I were involved in setting up a date for a special retreat called an Encounter. We were committed to not only participate, but also to receive training in leading an Encounter. We gladly agreed . . until . . something else was scheduled for the same weekend.

A special “one year old” birthday party was scheduled to be held in Omaha for a darling cousin of our Missouri Grandchildren. This meant our daughter-in-law, Felicity, and three of our four grandchildren would be here at our home while we were off to the retreat. At first we struggled to know what to do; but in the end we knew we needed to go.

The retreat was this past weekend and it was definitely right for us to have attended. Not only did we get to spend time with friends we rarely see; but we experienced very close times with God throughout the Encounter. In fact, in deeply personal ways, we encountered God and His amazing love for each of us!

Meanwhile, back in Omaha, our grandchildren were having a memory-making time with their cousins and extended family. I often wondered how they would feel being in our home without us or if they would be so busy it really wouldn’t be noticeable to them.

The answer to my “wondering” came through what is pictured above. Our 5 year old granddaughter, Ada, wrote special notes to both Grandpa and I, and left them on our white board in the kitchen. What she didn’t know was that she had used a permanent marker! No matter . . . there’s absolutely no removal necessary!! They’re not only permanently written on the white board, they are permanently written on our hearts as well! Thank you sweet Ada!

5 responses to Absolutely No Removal Necessary

  1. She was planning to write those notes all weekend but didn't get it done until a few minutes before we were ready to leave. I walked over just in time to see her cap the Sharpie and put it back in the jar next to the white board. I didn't have the heart to tell her! : ) I knew you probably wouldn't mind.

  2. I was just showing this pictures to Jesse. His only comment, "Where's mine? I wrote, 'Thank you for the cinnamon rolls'! Did they erase that?!"


  3. Felic, you're right — we didn't mind one bit! Poor Jesse . . . Please assure him we didn't erase his note. I'm thinking his little sister needed the room for her notes. He's so funny!

  4. Oh he knew it was the sisters who had done the earasing! : )

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