Looking Through a New Lens

December 4, 2009 — 3 Comments

Recently, I found a blog called Raising Arrows. Along with writing about raising a large family, she was also offering a creative writing course, so I started reading it and answering the questions she was asking. It primarily dealt with your own blog, and writing about your life and what people were finding interesting. So, rather than writing here, I’ve been writing in a notebook — and thinking. Thinking a lot about my life and how to share it here in this blog. After all, that IS why I decided to start this blog. Yet, so often I sit down to write and after a couple paragraphs think “I really don’t have anything to say that someone else hasn’t already said.” And I close my computer and never finish what I started.

However, the thinking I’ve been doing as a result of this course, has been causing me to discover something about my life. My life is just that . . . my life. Although, I may think others have more insight, or greater experiences to draw upon and write from — which probably is true — it doesn’t really matter, because, this is my life! And my view, from where I sit, and from what I’ve experienced, brings something to the table that no one else brings, simply because it’s mine. It’s been seen through the lens of my life, not someone else’s. It’s not a prideful thing, it’s a freeing thing. It’s freeing me to think differently. But, the thing I love the most is — it’s freeing me to write past the point of giving up.

Overall, it’s a good process I’m in, and today, I like where I have ended up!

3 responses to Looking Through a New Lens

  1. Cheri',
    What a thrill! What a wonderful lesson you've learned here. Isn't it exciting to realize that you don't need to be someone else to be someone? The Bible tells us that we each play a roll by using the analogy of the body parts, all of which are useful and bring their own unique circumstances to the whole. I can't wait to read what your experiences have taught you!

    ps-thank you so much for your kind words and your vote!

  2. I love this. I struggle with the same thing.

  3. Cheri',
    I have this blog (Raising Arrows) listed on my favorites on my computer. It really is such an inspiring place!! I am so glad you write your story and share it here. You have always been someone who I look up to as a mother and a woman of God, and I, personally, find your blog a place of encouragement and good reading! I check in often to see what is going on with the Whites! Love ya!! Keep writing.

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