The Journey Begins . . . and oh what a beginning!

February 14, 2010 — 5 Comments

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be nicely situated in this lovely home in the UK. After you read this post, you’ll see why!

My husband Don met with his pastor’s small group and had them pray over him for our trip to England. During their prayer time they sensed that obstacles would come our way during our trip over, but the Lord wanted us to stay positive, stay in faith and trust Him with the outcomes. The encouragement those men gave through their prayers was what we grabbed onto throughout our trip to London. With each obstacle we hit, we turned our hearts toward the Lord, sought His help and encouraged one another to stay in faith.

Only minutes after checking in at the airport in Omaha we discovered our flight was delayed into Detroit. If it was much more delayed we would miss our flight into London. A few minutes later, we were looking at an even later delay therefore we would need a new flight plan for London. Arriving late in Detroit, we discovered we were now re-routed to Amsterdam and then on into London, pushing our arrival into the early afternoon hours instead of the early morning.

We boarded our plane in Detroit, found ourselves seated to a wonderful young man going home to Saudi Arabia and after quite a long time of chatting with him we heard the captain announcing we were going to need de-icing before taking off. Another long period of time passed and the captain reported one of the engines wouldn’t start and maintenance was being called to help. More time passed, the engine started, now we needed re-fueling again. More time passed and we wondered why we hadn’t taken off. I looked at my watch and discovered we had been sitting there for 2 hours. Again, the Captain’s voice came over the speakers in the cabin re-capping the things I’ve just stated. However, he then added information which made the already-mounting-tension in the cabin, mount even more. Homeland Security was looking for a suspicious piece of luggage and felt it was possibly in the baggage area in the belly of our plane. We were asked to move back into the gate so they could go through the luggage. At this point I started texting our children and others to pray for us. Even though the tension inside the cabin was high, our hearts remained peaceful. We joined hands, prayed and committed ourselves, the people on board with us and the situation, into the Lord’s hands. More time passed . . . . no luggage was found and we were given clearance to fly. Three hours from our original departure time we were in the air headed to Amsterdam. We were thankful!

After landing in Amsterdam we were once again asked to remain on board the plane because there had been an emergency medical situation with one passenger, so the emergency people needed to get on board and check her out first. Another amount of time lapsed and we were finally walking off the plane to find out what new flight had been arranged for us due to our very late arrival. We were to board another flight in a little over an hour, arriving in London at 6:00 p.m. — eleven hours later than our original time of arrival. We boarded our flight to London, had a very smooth flight and went to pick up our luggage. Except . . . there was no luggage. Fortunately we had packed one set of clothing in our carry-on just in case something like this happened. Our hosts were waiting for us and helped us with the details of where to have the luggage sent once it arrived. We were so very thankful to finally have arrived in London, to have met our new friends Geoff and Mary, and were now on our way to a Pastoral Training Course in Derby.

We are so grateful to the Lord for the awareness of His grace and help throughout our trip. We are also thankful for His words of direction and encouragement through Don’s friends in his small group! I’ll post more later about the Pastoral Training Course and our wonderful time at church today! We miss all of you at CFC and of course our children and grandchildren! Thank you all for your prayers! I “shudder to think” what our flights would have been like had there been no prayer. God is good!!

5 responses to The Journey Begins . . . and oh what a beginning!

  1. I’m SO glad you arrived safely and what an awesome thing that God gave you words of wisdom before you even took off! How comforting it must have been to KNOW He had everything under control and that He was going to work everything out for good! He’s just awesome like that!

    You will be blessed in your time away!!

    Love you!

  2. Oh My Goodness.
    I am so glad that you guys are ok and that we serve an awesome God! How good of Him to give you that much needed encouragement before your trip even started! Have fun, and know that we will continue to pray for you!

  3. Wow…it is great to hear…all of it…do write more and more pictures too!

  4. Oh my goodness, Cheri! That is incredible! I had no idea all of that was going on when I saw your status update about the delayed flights on facebook. đŸ™‚ So glad everything is good, and that God warned you ahead of time so you could hold on to His Word. How amazing!

  5. Hi, Cheri! What a start! So thankful prayer went up beforehand so that you were prepared and protected. Praying for you and looking forward to reading about your trip.

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