Exploring an English Town

February 17, 2010 — 4 Comments

Looking down the street at the Town Centre

Our hearts are so saddened by the news of our friend Dan Thompson’s passing, and have found it hard to be in another country when a friend passes away and there is no way to get back in time for the visitation or funeral.  After hearing the news yesterday, we gathered with our new friends, Geoff and Mary to pray for the Thompson family; and while praying, my heart was deeply moved with the realization of how quickly we had become knit in spirit to them, and how incredible the body of Christ truly is!!

Today, we began with breakfast together and then spent several hours around Geoff and Mary’s dining room table, learning about the Pastoral Training Course and tossing around multiple ideas and strategies for using this model in our U.S. Family of churches.  When it appeared our brains had hit overload, we stopped, took a short break and then headed out for a walk around their community.  The weather was crispy-cold, with some rain off and on, but we weren’t to be deterred.  We were looking forward to seeing more of this amazing country.

Our walk through the streets of Witney, presented us with history dating back to the 1400’s and sometimes even earlier.  Yet, around the corner could be found urban supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops.  It felt  inviting and quaint, old and new, cold yet cozy all rolled into one.  It was if we were in an old BBC movie one moment and the next we were in present day UK.  One of the highlights of the day was the hour and a half conversation we shared over coffee/tea at a “lovely” coffee shop in the Town Center.

I’ll post some pictures of the town and the coffee shop.  Enjoy!

The Clock Tower in the Town Centre

St. Mary's Church built in the 1200's!

Enjoying coffee and tea with our wonderful new friends Geoff & Mary Norridge.

This one is for Paul & Revonna -- a glimpse of the coffee shop where we chatted away the afternoon!

Lovely building in the middle of town

4 responses to Exploring an English Town

  1. This all looks so fun! Beautiful.

  2. Thanks for letting us be there with you through this blog, Cheri. I’m having a wonderful time through your eyes.

  3. I love you Cheri!! I love your heart and I love your ability to write! I love the pictures and catching a glimpse of where you have been and what you are learning. What an awesome journey God has you on!! Well done dear friend! I can’t wait to hear more!

  4. For some reason my subscriptions are coming to me on my blogger dashboard, so I missed this post and your last one until I checked here today. I’m so glad that you’re having fun, makinfg new friends, learning a lot, and seeing beautiful things. Sounds like a very fulfilling trip!

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