Give honor!

April 30, 2010 — 6 Comments

The other day I wrote a letter.  Well, actually it was several letters taken from one primary concept.

“Honor your past” was a phrase Don & I repeatedly heard while in England attending a leadership conference this past February.  When spoken (several times, by various speakers), it was one of those phrases that slipped deeply into our hearts and required us to take notice and respond.

My amazing husband knew immediately what God was asking him to do.  So his obedience took place fairly soon after we arrived back in the States.  He wrote letters of honor to significant people with whom he had served in a specific denomination.  I on the other hand — being a ponderer —  needed time to think and pray about what, if anything, God wanted me to do.  So I pondered!  For two more months!

One day, after those months of consideration, I was outside walking and praying (something I love to do), and it seemed as if God used the brilliant sunlit day to bring His light into my heart.  Suddenly I KNEW what He was after!  Immediately I sat down and wrote letters honoring people from my past.  People who had played an important part in my life and with whom I had hit some very difficult times.  Unfortunately, those difficult times resulted in our relationships being severed.

As I wrote the letters, my mind was filled with memories of all the special moments we had shared.   I found myself with deep feelings of love and sincerity regarding how precious those times were to me then and what they meant to me now.  My heart became invaded with honor for these “old friends” — for who they were back then, as well as the amazing people they had become. A great release overwhelmed me as I finished the letters!  My heart felt as if a cage door had opened and I had stepped out into a vast expanse!  The strange thing was — I hadn’t known my heart had been caged!  But God did!

The Bible says to “Give honor to whom honor is due.”  However, I am certain this command is impossible without God’s help.  For it was definitely God who filled my heart with honor, helped me express it in words to some very wonderful people, and then brought  incredible freedom and release to my own heart.

So today I give ALL HONOR to my wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — to Him it is due!


6 responses to Give honor!

  1. This is really good, Cheri! Very convicting… reminds me of the scripture about a soft word turning away anger. I’d love to hear all about your trip sometime, btw! Until then, I’ll keep reading your blog. 🙂

  2. This fits beautifully with a message Kris just preached about other people being Holy ground. Well-done, and thanks for sharing.

  3. Good word, Cheri, from a great lady. Love you!

  4. This is so good, and such an important, understated biblical principle! Have you read “Honor’s Reward” by John Bevere? It’s awesome. In one chapter he talks about how the pastor that loved and mentored him fell into sin that he still has not repented of. But John said that if that pastor were to call him up today and ask for help, he would gladly do whatever he asked. That one still blows my mind.

  5. Eleanor, that’s the book we’ve been reading and studying as a church. It’s very convicting!!! Numerous times I’ve had to put the book down and repent. I had read it prior to going to England, so as various speakers mentioned “honoring our past”, their message collided with the book’s message and God definitely got our attention! Acting on it has brought greater freedom than I can describe!!

  6. I love how God is unifying His body! I see so many who are trying to internalize this virtue of honoring others. I’m still trying to get there myself. Thank you, Cheri, for adding one more point to ponder.

    This weekend, we’ll be honoring mothers. What a timely message. When I read Eleanor’s comment about John Bevere, it’s a challenge to honor mom even when childhoods weren’t rosy and relationships are not entirely healed.

    Love it!

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