All I Wanted for Christmas

December 27, 2010 — 5 Comments

Throughout the Christmas season of 2010, my thoughts turned to a special moment in my life when I was eight years old.  Although time slipped away and I didn’t get it written for my blog, I promised myself I would still post this precious memory and it’s subsequent truth.  I hope you will pardon my delay, conjure up a little bit of leftover Christmas spirit and enjoy this short story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ************************************************************************************

Unwrapping my beautiful white ice skates, I squealed and held them close to my heart.  All I wanted for Christmas, at age 8, was a brand new pair of skates.  I just knew I could be the next Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating, if new ice skates were under the tree!

After finding them to be a perfect fit, I wore them throughout the gift opening, reluctantly removing them only to attend Midnight Mass with my family.  Following Mass, I laced them up again and with a long sigh said, “Oh, I wish I could try them out on the ice tonight.  I just can’t wait till morning!”

The words were barely out of my mouth, when I heard my dad laughingly say, “Get your coat and bring your skates, we’ll go see if the lights are on at the rink.”  I gasped, raced to find the appropriate outerwear for a cold night, and ran to the car where Dad sat waiting.   He smiled at me as I jumped in the car and softly said, “Now don’t get your hopes up, Sweetie, the lights probably aren’t on tonight.”

We drove the few blocks to the outdoor rink in our small town, and it looked as though my dad’s words were coming to pass.  My heart dropped as we drove past the darkened rink.  Although it would only be a few short hours until daylight, I couldn’t bear the thought of not skating across the ice just one time this night.  Unexpectedly, Dad turned into an alley directly behind the rink and stopped the car.  He told me to wait in the car and he’d be right back.  I watched his silhouette barely outlined in the darkness and waited for his return.  Suddenly… the rink was alive with light!  My heart raced as I realized he had somehow found the switch, and turned the lights on  — just for me!

Moments later, he held my hand and helped me walk to the edge of the glassy pond.  As I gingerly placed my foot on the ice, he released my hand and I began to glide freely across the crystal field .  The moment was magical!  My beautiful new skates, the light sparkling off the ice, the crisp night air all combined into an incredible sense of wonder.  And there, on the side of the rink stood my dad showing me his love and making my dream come true!

One dominant truth floods my heart as I recall this special moment….even when the circumstances of life seem hopeless, or dreams seem overshadowed by darkness, not only do I have special people who will be there for me — like my dad was that special Christmas night, but most importantly I have a Heavenly Father who knows exactly how and when to turn my darkness into light!

5 responses to All I Wanted for Christmas

  1. Oh! I was holding my breath as you skated. This was so beautiful.

  2. This was an amazing post Mom – so beautifully crafted. Thanks for telling this story for us all!

  3. What a lovely story. I like where it went at the end as well. Thanks for sharing this precious memory.

  4. A joy to read. What a precious story. Yes, I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who is always there for me.

  5. Thanks for such a beautiful story! You are a gifted writer and I love checking in on your blog from time to time! Have a wonderful New Year!
    Carol Bullis

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