Our Special “Day-After-Valentine’s-Day” Gift

February 15, 2011 — 6 Comments

Stephanie Cheri' White

I had cut and pasted hand-made Valentine’s throughout Valentine’s Day. My two-and-a-half-year-old son, Dan had diligently helped me with every one of the Valentines, and we were excited to deliver them! However, it had started snowing heavily,  so we decided to wait until after dinner. Then Daddy would drive us to each one of Dan’s little friends’ homes so he could deliver his Valentines.

After we were in the car, Don decided to take a shovel along. I thought he was taking it in case we got stuck along the way. He had other plans! At each home, Dan and I would take the Valentines in to his friends and visit a while. Don would remain outside delivering his own special Valentine —  a shoveled sidewalk for each of the families we visited. I don’t remember how many places we went that night, but the snow was heavy and it was no easy task to shovel one sidewalk, much less many.

All through our Valentine deliveries (and actually through the entire day), my body was strongly notifying me that we were probably going to have our own special delivery very soon. After arriving back at our home and getting Dan to bed, it became evident I was definitely in labor. We called my sister to come over and headed to the hospital.

After we had checked  in, the effects of Don’s sidewalk shoveling became evident. He nestled into the chair beside my bed and promptly fell asleep! This was NOT how I had envisioned my labor! Evvvveeer so000 slowly I came to realize what a servant he had been all evening, and that it was okay for him to sleep through this early part of labor. I would need him recovered and fully awake when it was time to deliver! So… he snored and I relaxed and did my deep-breathing!

As it turned out, it was good he slept through (some of) the night, because our precious little girl didn’t make her appearance until almost noon the next day. She arrived touting a full head of long, dark-brown hair and looking around with great big eyes.  Of course like all parents, we knew she was absolutely beautiful!

Earlier in the month, I had been declaring to everyone I was going to have a Valentine’s Day baby. We came very close. We weren’t the least bit disappointed she didn’t arrive on Valentine’s Day! We were simply delighted that God had given us a beautiful baby girl and had given Dan a precious little sister.

We called her…. Our Special “Day-After-Valentine’s Day” Gift!  And she still is!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie Cheri’ White!   We are so thankful for you!

Your life makes a difference!

6 responses to Our Special “Day-After-Valentine’s-Day” Gift

  1. Yay! Great birthday story! I live in a house full of Aunt Sissy fans, so all our best wishes are coming your way today! 🙂

  2. That is a great story. What a blessing!!

  3. This story is so typical of your family. From two-year-old Dan handing out Valentine’s to his daddy shoveling the snow! I’m sure Stephanie knows how fortunate she is to be given as a gift to such great people. She is beautiful in every possible way.

  4. She is a gift to so many folks, including me. I love that girl. Whoops, meant woman. I told her in chapel today that I have to start looking at her (and Christy) for who they truly are…grown women who are quite capable of accomplishing awesome things for the Lord.

  5. Happy birthday, dearest Stephanie! I love you so much! Thanks for sharing this story, Cheri – beautiful!

  6. We are so glad for your “Day after Valentines” gift! What a great story. Thanks for sharing it and your girl with all of us.

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