“STOP” At The Very Beginning…. a very good PLACE to start!

February 21, 2011 — 3 Comments

The temperatures were sub-zero as the movers brought boxes into our new apartment. My almost-three-year old little boy was very sick, my little girl was celebrating her fifth birthday without her best friends, my oldest son was starting second grade in a new school, and my husband was planting a church in this new city! Change was swarming around us at every turn.

This month marks twenty six years since we arrived here to start a church. We came with more hope than training, but our hearts held a big vision for the new church we were to plant and for our city. Shortly after we arrived, my husband was driving home and came to a routine stop at a nearby STOP sign. In an instant he heard God speak to his heart. He said, “I’ve called you here.” Don responded, “I know Lord, that’s why I moved here.” Again, he heard the Lord, very emphatically say, “I’ve called you here!”

Six months later, the “stop sign” encounter was the deciding factor as to whether we would walk away from what we had started or remain.  That prior “moment with God” held us in place through some extremely turbulent days…….had it not occurred, we would have packed up our family (now expecting another little one) and headed back across the state to the people we knew loved us.  Although it felt as if our world was crashing around us, it was evident we had no other choice but to remain and persevere! Knowing He called us here was the rock we stood on throughout the tumultuous storm — and has been the rock we have continued to stand on throughout every trial we have faced in the last twenty six years.

Looking back from this vantage point, it’s very easy to see why God grabbed my husband’s attention that day.

He knew we would need this “confirmation of His call”  in the years to come.

He cared enough to speak louder than the distractions of this world.

He loved us enough to meet Don on a normal-every-day drive!

We sometimes drive by the stop sign and remember its significance as a starting place with God, on a cold February day in a lonely city. Upon seeing it recently I suddenly realized — the sign where God “stopped” Don also became the marker of our destiny!

3 responses to “STOP” At The Very Beginning…. a very good PLACE to start!

  1. I, for one, am glad God talked to Don at that stop sign. It’s been a roller coaster twenty-six years but I’m glad we’ve been on the ride together.

  2. I’m with Lollie – so glad God provided that stop sign. Obviously my siblings and I were completely oblivious back then, but now this has become part of our heritage of faith. Thanks for posting this reminder and for living it out for us too.

  3. I love this, and I love it when God gives us those words to stand on — the ones that become swords to fight off the enemy in the future. So good.

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