Reasons I Love Teaching Here

April 13, 2011 — 3 Comments

Holly & Katie! Great friends!

Smiles and laughter!

Sometimes tears and sadness,

Love covers.

Each one celebrated.

Teenagers and elementary students together.

No peer pressure

Playing Hide ‘n Seek

Backyard Hide/n Seek

Prayers for friends in crisis.

Answered prayers.

Worship to our Jesus who is Good!

Teenage leaders!

Disciples in the making.

Austin, Sara & Julia leading worship on Honor's Night

Friendship with fellow teachers.

Birthday’s celebrated.

Hugs and more hugs!

Brooke, Jared & Sara

Songs created.

Little dancing girls.

Spring classes outside.

Lessons learned.

Grace for the hard days.

Silliness and pranks.

Austin! LOL!



Sum it all up and it = LOVE!

3 responses to Reasons I Love Teaching Here

  1. I love this 🙂

    You definitely captured all the different aspects of our little life here. And you beat me to blogging about it!

    This is great! Love you.

    • Thanks Julia! You go right ahead and blog about school — your point of view as a student will be different than mine as a teacher! Plus, I love reading your blog! So go for it, girl!

  2. Hurray! Reminds me of some great times I had in our church school. 🙂

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