The Sweetest Friendships…

April 1, 2011 — 3 Comments

Dave & Beth

Pat & Theresa










Have you ever experienced a moment when you were in the midst of a rather routine happening, yet you realized it was more significant than it would appear to anyone standing outside and looking in? Let me explain…

Over the past couple years, my husband and I have been privileged to host several couples in our home over a handful of days. Each pastor and wife came with expectant hearts! As a group, we were acutely aware of our need for the Lord’s refreshing and healing. We gathered as friends to spend time with God and one another.

We talked, listened, prayed, wept and found healing together. Through our openness we discovered the uniqueness of each individual, and we grew in our appreciation of our differences, likenesses, weaknesses and strengths. As a result of this kind of vulnerability, we knew God had indelibly linked our hearts together!

Following one of these remarkable sessions, I found myself seated beside two dear women as we took  some time out to simply talk, laugh and copy recipes. Suddenly, their laughter became like background noise, and I felt as if I had stepped outside the moment and was watching it occur. In that instant a powerful awareness of my two friends’ love and acceptance of me, swept through my emotions and made a direct hit in my heart! It took my breath away as I fully realized what true and faithful friends these women were to me, and how honestly they loved me regardless of my weaknesses and shortcomings. In that moment we weren’t doing anything exciting or important. We were just being ….. friends. I felt safe. Understood. Accepted. Healed! It completely overwhelmed me! And changed me!

This incredible experience revealed to me a very simple truth regarding friends:

“…the sweetest friendships of all are the unlikeliest, for they are founded in something even more precious than delight. They are founded on nothing less than the complete and perfect acceptance of one by another.” (Larkrise to Candleford)

While it was amazing for me to know the love of my friends that day, it also left me with a very deep desire to exhibit love and acceptance to the friends God has brought and will bring into my life, in order that together we might experience…. the sweetest friendships!

This is the kind of friend I desire to be! How about you?


Dave & Karen

Randy & Mary











Kathy & Wendell


Not all these couples were with us during those days of meetings in our home. However, I consider them “some of the sweetest friendships!”





3 responses to The Sweetest Friendships…

  1. Right back at you.

  2. Yes! I’ve been feeling very grateful for my friends lately, too. God knew what He was doing there. 🙂

  3. Joy Dawson said,”Friends and ministries are gifts from God.” That is what you and Don are to our lives. We love you guys.

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