What to do when it floods!

June 28, 2011 — 3 Comments

Presently, in our city we hear continuous reports noting the flood conditions along the Missouri River. Many people have lost or are preparing to lose their homes due to the rising river. Last week my husband and I traveled to another part of our state and were saddened to find that this landscape too, was covered with water. In this case, the culprit was not the release of water from Gavins Point Dam, but heavy rains over many days, Where crops should have been growing, acres of water appeared instead. Loss and destruction could be seen in every direction.

We live far enough from the Missouri River that our home will be untouched by this flood, however our hearts are deeply touched as we daily watch reports of this disaster. Farmers explain how their land will not be the same because the debris and sand bars of the Missouri River will be left in their fields when the waters recede in a few months. Their soil will not be as lush as it was prior to the flooding, and could take several years before it recovers enough to yield a harvest.

People standing on the Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River gasp as they witness decks and porches of others’ homes being carried past them on the rapid current. The home of one of our friends, is located beside the Missouri River, and she daily battles the fear of losing her house should the dikes give way. These and countless other shocking images and stories keep us mindful of the suffering and pain others are facing.

And then amidst the sadness of this season, there are those who tell inquiring reporters how they are grateful for their lives, and grateful they could find a place to live for the next few months, grateful they had time to pack up and leave, grateful for their friends and neighbors who pitched in and helped them. Grateful to God they are alive. Grateful they have each other, even if they don’t have “things” anymore. Grateful for the efforts of those who tried to help save their businesses from being washed away….. and on and on they speak of being grateful! I marvel at the gratitude of their hearts and the resilience of their spirit!


It seems to be an effectual tool!

It lifts the spirit!

It encourages the heart!

To be grateful in a time of pain and suffering….is hard!

But, if we will honestly look for them…..

If we will find them…….

and speak them…..

and hold onto them……

these reasons to be grateful

We will rise above whatever floods we face!

3 responses to What to do when it floods!

  1. After recently facing some “flood waters” of our own, I have to say, it didn’t take any effort at all to have a heart overflowing with gratitude. Somehow, our ‘flood’ changed our perspective enough that when we regained our focus, we found that all of the things that mattered the most were still intact.

    • Dorothea, I can only imagine how grateful you all must be after you own “flood waters”! I remember when my dad had his heart attack and the gratefulness that ensued afterward! It seemed like everyday was special from that point on. You and Paul are very dear to our hearts and we are so very grateful to God for how he protected Paul!

  2. Well, I needed to read this today. Thanks!

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