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August 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

I know some of you reading this blog can’t remember a time when the TV didn’t have a remote control, but I certainly can. Actually, I think my parents thought I was intended to be the remote control for their TV! When the “remote” came on the scene, my parents were older and the technology of it baffled them.  I remember my husband’s parents deciding not to program the remote to their VCR because it was too hard for them to figure out. (I’m hoping most of you remember what a VCR was.) My husband would patiently program their remote to the stations they received, only to return to their home at a later date and find the remote unused and the programing undone again.

It was during one of Don’s conversations with his parents (he was trying to explain how simple the remote really was, and they were sure it was something they could do without), that I decided I was NEVER going to NOT learn new technology. Then along came computers and digital cameras and email and….ipads……ipods……all the amazing technology we have today. And with each new piece of technology I have been DETERMINED to learn and NEVER give up!

Now, this is a great attitude to have, don’t you think? Never give up! Be determined! Learn new things! Well, unfortunately, for my oldest son, my determination has meant a great deal of his time spent in explanations, team-viewer sessions, laughter over my “dumb” mistakes and my lack of comprehension. I guess you could say, he’s become “my remote”! But, I have to say, Dan’s low-key temperament has been a great blessing when I have had to turn to him for one of my many computer or blog dilemmas.

Even with his laid back personality, I am certain my determination to keep learning in this crazy technological age, has most likely become somewhat of a headache. Want to know how I know? Just last evening I chatted with him about a problem I was having regarding my blog. His response was to send me the following email:

Hi Mom,

I’m really jazzed that you’ve been using your computer these days.

It just so happens that I put together this tech support care package for you. I picked out some videos that you can watch to learn:


I think my personal tech guy just retired and turned me over to technology! Thanks Dan! I love you anyway! Take 3 aspirin and I’ll call you in the morning!

Love, your tech-savvy mom!


6 responses to My Personal Tech Support

  1. She’s telling the truth in this great article! Just today I reflected to the young man at the bookstore checkout that I needed a personal “remote” assistant to help me figure out which way to swipe my debit card. I look at the little design and my mind goes haywire regarding which side and which way and … Cash and carry sounds normal. Swipe and carry sounds like thievery and I can’t even tell which way to swipe. The End!

  2. I just spent two hours trying to help my mom with her new internet connection. I pretty much gave up and told her, “I’ll have to ask Jared and Dan.” 🙂

  3. Overwhelmed by trying to figure-out the blog thingy and then read this. Once again your timing is perfect!!

    • You CAN do this Linda girl! Call me if you get stuck and I’ll do what I can to help you! You’re going to love it! And others will enjoy what you publish too!!

  4. Haha! This is great! I love your determination and hope to never give up either!
    I THINK I remember a tv of ours that did not have a remote. I know I remember the days before we had a VCR, because it was such a big deal when we got one!

  5. I don’t understand new technology, either. : )

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