As Time Goes By……..

August 1, 2011 — 4 Comments

Small vases filled with beautiful flowers, trays laden with towels, bath oils, lotions, and the lovely scent of lavender greeted us as we entered our overnight guest room. I knew our friend had taken great time and care to create this inviting atmosphere, and in an instant it ushered us into such warmth and welcome! Within moments the years melted away and our hearts connected as if we had never been apart. My sister and I had come to spend time with dear friends who recently re-located from a distant city to a cozy university town not far from our city! What a wonderful start to our visit!

We talked….oh how wonderful it was to sit and talk! We caught up on each others families, our loved ones activities and especially our spiritual journeys. We laughed and we cried, but most of all we loved! Loved how God had worked in each others lives over these many years apart, and loved each other more as we shared the good times and the bad! I found it to be a small taste of heaven on earth!

Our visit was short, but oh-so-sweet! As we drove away, I watched as she and her husband stood arm and arm and waved good bye to us. An overwhelming sense of gratitude filled my heart as I realized ……. though many years had passed, we were still deeply connected and our friendship had remained strong. Who would have thought one lovely day together could bring such refreshing to our souls!

Throughout our time together one thought continued to bombard my mind…….friendships are a treasure! They are gifts to our lives and are to be honored ……for they reflect the very heart of God!

As I write this post I find myself hoping you, who read my blog, have friends such as this in your life. True friendships really are gifts given to us by God.

Please take a moment and share what you enjoy about your own friendships! I would love to know…..because I want to learn from you, and cultivate this area in my life!!

4 responses to As Time Goes By……..

  1. I love my friendship with YOU Cheri! You are a wise and wonderful woman who always speaks truth and life to my heart. I SO value our little coffee dates to catch up on life. I am forever blessed to have you in my life!!

  2. And I love being your friend too Bonnelle!! I always look forward to our “catching up coffee dates”. You’re one of those treasures I was writing about!

  3. The first thing that popped into my about what I enjoy about friendships is … I enjoy the ways we are alike, AND the ways we are not alike. It’s refreshing to know someone else goes through the same things you do, and refreshing when someone has a different perspective on things. Both are good!

    • Eleanor, I love the way you think! It definitely IS good to have both those like us and those who are very different from us. Thanks for your insight!!

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