Watching For Destiny

September 9, 2011 — 12 Comments

Sunday mornings have become special for me as I observe the children in our church gather and dance to the praise songs.  Watching them I often see a glimpse of who they will become…the seeds inside them that point to their destinies. For example: one of them often ignores what the group is doing and focuses on dancing and worshiping wholeheartedly. Another wraps her/his arms around others (who don’t quite want this interaction), while another wordlessly leads the rest of the group in what they should be doing! Some of these traits may fade with time, but some of them are “hints/clues” of who they really are.

When my children were little I found myself watching for these “moments”. Asking God to make me alert to their hearts and the way each one “was wired”. Since they were created by Him, I figured He would let me in on the manner in which He had fashioned them.

Some were easy to spot. Like our oldest son spending hours in front of the tape player drumming out the beats to every song and wanting me to repeat the entire tape. Or the ability of our daughter, at a very young age, to make absolute decisions and not back down from them regardless of her friend’s opinions. Our middle son, again at a very young age, had the ability to be a great friend to others and also held the strength to lead them. And last, but by no means least, was the confidence and athletic skill our youngest son exhibited before he reached school age.

Unlike these obvious traits, there were moments when we would be going about life, and one of them would mention what they thought about a particular situation. Their observations were made without having heard anything from either me or my husband, yet their assessment of the situation was completely accurate! The still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit would whisper to me, “pay attention to their insight, and help develop this.” Consequently, I would feel the weight of “training up a child in the way he should go.” This God-given glimpse had enabled me to lock-on to an area He had destined for them and then embrace the responsibility to train them.

Not only did I learn to watch for the “seeds”, but I also learned to plant the seeds….sometimes unknowingly and other times knowingly.  Recently, my son mentioned to me a long-ago-conversation regarding the many gifts in his life and the direction he should take with them. My primary counsel was that he not become “a jack of all trades and master of none”. In the moment, I was unaware this conversation hit a deep place in him. But looking at him today, and by his own admission, it’s obvious he took this conversation seriously. What he didn’t know at the time, was an impression had been given to me in a prior time of prayer –  and my thoughts were directed to the need for him to master one of his gifts rather than achieve mediocrity in many.

So should you catch me on a Sunday morning, observing the children as they dance, you may be assured it is not without purpose. For I am waiting and watching for destiny! Once glimpsed it fuels my desire and commitment to be part of the ongoing conversations and prayers that will help them to fulfill “the way they should go”!

12 responses to Watching For Destiny

  1. Very good article and I can testify this is how you live your life! What a joy it is and has been to walk with you and see the fruit of your prayers and insights in the lives of our children, grandchildren and many others!

  2. Oh! My own heart was shouting “Yes!” and “Amen!” as I read that post. I love the glimpses of destiny that God allows us to see. I imagine that He’s so excited for what is to come that He gives us a peek so we can celebrate with Him.

    I LOVE the kids worshipping!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful heart.

    • Shari, I love your thought about God being “so excited for what is to come that He gives us a peek so we can celebrate with Him!” What a wonderful way to think about God!

  3. #1 — I would have loved to have seen more of this video! 🙂

    #2 — Didn’t you say once that you were thinking about writing a book on raising children? ‘Cause I’m totally still waiting for that one . . .
    This is good stuff!

    • Eleanor, you are such an encourager! It’s funny you should mention the book on raising children, because just today I was pondering the idea and thinking I should get started on it! Pray for me…. to DO just that …get started! 🙂

      • Gosh, I agree with Eleanor!!! Cheri, you have so much wisdom and joy to share. Gotta get that into a book!!! I’d hand them out to parents at our barn, you bet!!!! Would be a great gift to everyone with kids or those who are waiting for their kids to manifest!!! Great article and always so nice to see the sweet way your hubby is your encourager!!! Love ya both!!!

        • I greatly appreciate your encouragement Linda! Thanks!! Your loving support and enthusiasm helps me more than you know! I’ll be sure to let you know when I finally write it! 🙂 Love you too, dear friend!

  4. El took the words right out of my mouth! Awesome advice and food for thought for parents and leaders. I’ll be chewing on this one!

  5. I remember you doing that, and it made me slow down ,and ask the Holy Spirit about my own children. later I was so aware of chidren I was teaching. I thank-you!!!

  6. Yeah mom, why dont you write a book about me, I mean about raising kids.

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