30 years in the arms of Jesus!

March 22, 2012 — 12 Comments

I heard the sound alerting me to a text message, but couldn’t stop teaching to check it…..thankfully!

After the last student headed out the door I grabbed my phone and slid my finger across the screen…. to discover these words, “Thirty years in the arms of Jesus!” The above picture was attached. The sight of my baby’s decorated grave knocked the wind out of me, as tears streamed down my cheeks! I was definitely glad my students had left for the day!

I live eight hours away from where we laid our little Luke David to rest, and I know very well he’s not there, and his true home is in heaven. Yet there is something I find comforting in this small plot of land near the foot of the Scottsbluff Monument. I haven’t been able to go to his grave for many years, but I have a dear and faithful friend, named Carla, who has continued to decorate his grave for me ever since I moved away.

The day Luke was born into the earth, he was already living in heaven. His twin brother Paul, (whose story you can find here and here), was born 10 1/2 weeks early and emerged from the womb a fighter – and eventually a winner. Not only was this day marked by Paul’s life and Luke’s death, but the twins were also born on their dad’s (Don) birthday, making it a very memorable day indeed!

March, 5, 2012, the day my sweet friend sent this picture, my mind was consumed with a few last minute details for the birthday party we were having for Paul and Don that evening. Always on this day, I think of Luke and how different it would be if he were here, but I never expect others to remember Luke.

As I opened my phone that afternoon, not only was I moved by her labor of love to decorate his grave, but I was deeply touched by Carla’s remembrance of Luke, and of this special day 30 years ago, when my hello to Luke, meant goodbye, and when he went to live life “in the arms of Jesus”!


12 responses to 30 years in the arms of Jesus!

  1. You know I understand this well! Oh, what a joy to such a faithful friend!

  2. You two (Cheri’ & Felicity) sure do mess me up a lot and I love you both very much!



  3. Oh, what sweet pain. If there is such a thing. And what a great friend.

  4. Oh, this story not only make me cry but it made me gasp at the amazing faithfulness of your friend over the years. Thank you for sharing this Cheri!

  5. Of course I cry every time I see this picture & hear this story. I love you dear friend!

  6. well thanks for making a grown man cry…

    this was beautiful written.

    • Sorry Dan…about making you cry, but I “do” love your tender heart, and I do know you truly understand! Thanks also for the complement! It means a lot to me!

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