“Raw Courage”

June 19, 2012 — Leave a comment


Think about this:

20 seconds of raw courage is all it takes to change your life!

I didn’t come up with this thought on my own. I heard it in the movie “We Bought A Zoo!” And when I heard it, I almost missed the rest of the movie considering the ramifications of it.

When I first thought about it, I remembered childhood moments. The moment, at age 6, when I courageously trusted the water to hold me up and I learned to swim. Learning to swim eventually led to my first real job at a swimming pool for 3 summers, where I taught others to swim. Or the time I courageously (and nervously) tried out for a select singing group in high school and made the cut! My involvement in musical ensembles caused me to get a college degree in music.

Then I thought about my children, and how they have each stepped into unknown areas and come out on the other side having learned great lessons and overcome fears. Our son, Drew (in the picture above) climbed the Preikestolen in Norway, and fought off his fear of heights to sit on the edge and see the beauty surrounding it. After the Preikestolen, it seemed as if every other picture was of him “on top of” some high rock or ledge. Courage moved him out of his comfort zone so he could experience new things in new ways!

I think there’s a key to be found in all of this — to be courageous requires knowing our life will never be the same, but it will be better! We will have expanded beyond our previous limitations! It won’t be painless or without struggle, but it will take us to new places, where like Drew, we can experience and see what was previously hidden!

I truly believe courage can change our lives. In fact, I’ve tested it a few times lately and have seen surprising doors open. I haven’t seen wild and unimaginable things happen….yet. But, I intend to keep testing the principle. Quite frequently!

It can’t hurt!

In fact, I have a feeling it could be significant. Very significant!

How about you?

What things would you do if you believed 20 seconds of raw courage could change your life for the better?

I’d love to hear from you!


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