Sandburrs & Christmas Trees

November 27, 2012 — 5 Comments

The day after Thanksgiving our family – well, those who can make it – make our trek to a local tree farm where several of us seek and find the “perfect” Christmas tree for our homes. While hunting for our trees, our grown kids and older grandchildren often play football or hide ‘n seek in this man-made forest. This year, after catching the football, our oldest son decided, just for fun, to fall backwards, where he landed easily on his four layers of winter clothing. He stood to his feet, never suspecting he had fallen into a huge sandburr patch.

As his dad conveyed the problem to him, we realized he would need our assistance in ridding him of the prickly little weeds. Several of us tried to help, but a couple problems presented themselves. First, it was so cold we could not leave our hands out of our gloves for very long. And second, using gloves to extract them, caused the burrs to stick to the gloves. We weren’t making much progress until my husband, Don, had an idea. He pulled out his tiny pocket knife and began to scrape them off the back of Dan’s coat. It was genius!

It was also exceedingly funny as we watched Don pulling individual burrs off Dan’s “bum”. To enhance the merriment, his sister took pictures of the extraction taking place and then continued to laugh hysterically as she showed them to the rest of us!

Fortunately, Dan’s a good sport and consented to allowing others to see the pics of his sandburr extraction. However, he thinks I’m putting them on Facebook. I’m not!

I’m putting them here:


And here:


If you’re wondering why I posted this little story. It’s because these stories are what bond us as a family. Laughter, tears, hard times, good times and silly times. Families are made of this stuff — we are made of this stuff. And I thought you might enjoy sharing in one of our bonding moments – at Dan’s expense.


5 responses to Sandburrs & Christmas Trees

  1. Being family is so much fun and at times so much prayer and through it all, the revelation of God’s heart for relationships.

    Concerning the sandburrs, I just never gave up hope that I could do the job!!!

  2. For Dan’s sake, I hope this new sport doesn’t become a tradition. 🙂

  3. These are the stories that get passed down…love them!

    Glad your husband thought of the perfect way to remedy the situation!


    • Thanks Deanna. You’re so right about passing these stories down. Now that the kids are older I love to hear them reminisce about their growing up years and about special moments like this one.

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