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February 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

You might have heard the word “meme” in your Web search travels. Basically, a meme on the Web is a phenomenon, fad, sensation, rumor, or oddity that gets passed around quickly to large numbers of people; this can be via email, word of mouth… A blogger friend, Deanna, from Creekside Cottage, shared a meme on her blog the other day and suggested those of us with blogs, give it a try. You can find Deanna’s HERE. You can find mine below:

One of my favorite things is having time for prayer and sharing the Word of God together with my husband.
Outside my window the barren branches of our tree allow me to see the gray sky overhead. 
I am thinking about painting and decorating my office. I want to make it warm and inviting!
From the kitchen comes the smell of coffe and the sounds of my kitty playing with something noisy.
I am wearing workout clothes, because that’s where I’m heading.
I am reading “The Greatness Principle, finding significance and joy by serving others” by Nelson Searcy
I am hearing the chatter … no chatter this morning…it’s peaceful here. 
I am hoping for something very special to occur…
Around the room I notice our pictures of children, grandchildren, our life together! 
I am going on a date with my wonderful, loving husband tonight!!
I am creating special memories with my grandchildren, by spending quality time with them.
I am THANKFUL for specific answered prayers. So very thankful God answers beyond what we could ask or think!
Here is a picture thought …..
Dreams really do come true!

Dreams really do come true!

If you would like to try a “meme” just copy and paste the statements in bold and then write in your own thoughts about each statement. You are welcome to link to my Meme if you’d like. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to do this! I hope you do too!

2 responses to A Meme

  1. Fun!

    Thanks for doing the meme!

    I hope you have a wonderful date with your husband!


    • Thanks Deanna! I had fun doing the meme! And my hubby and I had a great evening. Dinner and a movie! We haven’t done that in a long time, so it was really special!

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