Learning from my Mom as She Walked with Jesus

May 6, 2013 — 6 Comments
My mom never like having her picture taken and would rarely look directly into the camera. Here she is holding her miracle great granddaughter Claire.

My mom never like having her picture taken and would rarely look directly into the camera. Here she is holding her miracle great granddaughter Claire.

My mom’s generation didn’t talk much about the hardships of their lives. So it wasn’t until I was older when I realized Mom had faced some very tough issues throughout her life. She would vaguely refer to being an only child, and how she had used her imagination to overcome loneliness as a little girl. She told me her dad died when my older brother was just a toddler, but she never shared the details.

At age 83, Mom’s health failed, and she knew her earthly time was coming to a close. It was then she began to talk about those difficult times, and how she could look back and see God’s hand on her life. She couldn’t sleep much, as she began to leave us, so we would stay with her and talk about anything she wanted to discuss. During each account, she would stop mid-way, close her eyes, and pray a prayer of forgiveness toward anyone in the scenario who had possibly wounded her. She often asked God’s forgiveness for harboring any ill-will against anyone. Totally aware these were her last days, she made sure every situation she recalled, was forgiven and covered in prayer.

While with her in the “midnight hours”, she allowed me to see the richness of her walk with Jesus. She had grown up in organized religion, but there came a point in her life where she wanted more than the formalities and rituals. She wanted to honestly know God for herself. She simply wanted HIM.

Her quest for Him led her to a time when she gave her heart and life to Jesus Christ, and began to study the Bible. She asked the Holy Spirit to fill her, and she told me, it was then, that she began to truly pray and understand the things written in the scriptures. She said, “I fell in love with Jesus, and I was never the same.” 

My mom recorded her love-relationship with Jesus in journals for many years. We found her journals after her death, and they are like precious jewels that glisten in the light. Reading them allows the light of Christ to shine into the deep places of my heart and gives me a deep appreciation for my mom’s walk with Jesus.

I have prayerfully decided to share portions of my mom’s journals on my blog. I came to the conclusion, others might be as touched by reading her words, as I have been. Starting tomorrow I will post special insights I have found within her precious journals. I  consider it a privilege and an honor to share the wisdom and revelation of my mom, Sheila Holsclaw, as she walked her earthly journey with Jesus.

Please join me here tomorrow for a glimpse into my mom’s journals.

6 responses to Learning from my Mom as She Walked with Jesus

  1. Already touched by your thoughts about mom! I’ll be joining you in reading about her insights! Thanks for sharing this Cheri’!

  2. Knowing you your Mom was surely a very slecil woman. I look forward to your posts.

  3. * s/b “special person”

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. It was very touching and inspiring. I am looking forward to join you tomorrow and read about your mom’s journals and also your insights. My family’s prayers will be for you and for your mom tonight. May God bless you.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Erin. I hope you enjoy my mom’s journal entries. It has caused me to have a deep appreciation for my mom’s close walk with Jesus!

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