Thanks for the Memories!

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Mom's Sheet Music

While visiting my brother, who owns the home where I grew up, I ventured downstairs to the place where the old upright piano stood. The sight of the piano always conjures up the story my dad used to recite regarding how the piano came to reside in the basement.

It seems Dad would not allow the builders to put the steps into the basement until he and his friends had lowered the piano down. He jokingly told us the piano would remain a permanent fixture there until we wanted to take out the steps and hire a crane to haul it out!

Mom's Old Piano 2

I opened the heavy lid of the bench and upon doing so, discovered some special treasures. My mom’s aged sheet music! The musty smell, invaded my nostrils, and the sight of those familiar titles and faces triggered memories hidden in the recesses of my mind. I closed my eyes and listened as the sound of Mom playing her piano came rushing back.

Before our family owned our first television, we would finish our evening meal, head down to our basement and gather around the piano. Mom pulled out her sheet music as we shouted out our song requests. My dad and my two brothers and I sang at the top of our lungs as mom played that magnificent piano. Oftentimes my dad would pick me up and twirl me all around the room while Mom played those special tunes.

As the flashback faded, I found myself grateful that Dad had permanently planted the huge piano in the basement! Its stately presence coupled with Mom’s ragged sheet music, had transported me back to a vision of happy family times!

Although my mom and dad have been gone for quite some time; I just want to say…

thanks Mom and Dad…

for the memories…

Sweet, warm, enduring, family memories!

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