Twas the night before her wedding!

November 18, 2013 — 2 Comments

After Rehearsal Dinner 1

The night before our daughter, Stephanie’s wedding, we gathered to have some family time. We have done this before each of our children’s weddings and it always ends up being so much fun! This night was no different!

As we sat and talked with Steph about her upcoming wedding and honeymoon, we somehow discovered a “secret” she had been keeping. It seems whenever she shopped in various stores, she would not give them her own phone number because she didn’t want to receive phone calls from their telemarketers. When we asked what number she had been giving over the years, she replied, “Dad and Mom’s home phone.”

Her brothers howled with laughter as her dad sputtered out a loud, “What?”

The laughter continued for so long, our sides hurt from it, and tears ran down my face.

Our evening was a wonderful time, tucked in between the rehearsal and the wedding. A time to reminisce and laugh together. A special time to verbally bless and affirm Steph before she stepped into the new day awaiting her!

Whenever we gather like this, I am overwhelmed by the gift of family! I never want to take them for granted. I want to savor every moment. Incredible moments…filled with joy and fun. Rich with love and care.

Truly priceless!

After Rehearsal Dinner 2          (Here I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. And Steph is laughing at her Dad’s reaction to his new discovery!)





2 responses to Twas the night before her wedding!

  1. What a treasure for you to share……makes me so happy for you and your family and you are right….family and family times are just such an amazing blessing!!!!

    • Thanks Brenda. Don and I have always admired the love you and Clint shared with one another and with your family! You guys were a great example to us as we started our married life. Love you my friend!

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