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From the time my mom became a grandma, and for many years following, she made each grandchild a handmade Christmas ornament with their name on it. Aour children became adults and established their own homes, the ornaments stayed with us, and each year we hung them on our Christmas tree. My mom has been gone for six years, and whenever I pull them out of the box at Christmas time, I find myself very thankful for the priceless memories she crafted.

This year, our grandchildren helped us decorate our tree. As the first ornament appeared, their parents began to explain how these were special because their grandma had made the ornaments for them. Once the grandchildren understood, they clamored, “Was this made for my daddy?” “Was this one Sissy’s?” I then, looked for Mom’s handwriting on each one, and announced which of their parents was the proud owner, and the year Mom had made it.

After the grandchildren left, I discovered the ornaments were all bunched together, so I distributed them throughout the tree. I gazed at these precious gifts as I cradled each one in my hands. The time and care Mom lavished on each one resonated with a sense of her deep love for each of us.

After each ornament was nestled in their special place, I stood back and observed my handiwork. A transformation had occurred throughout the tree. Barren branches had become beautiful.

My mom’s love could be seen…hanging on branches!

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After Rehearsal Dinner 1

The night before our daughter, Stephanie’s wedding, we gathered to have some family time. We have done this before each of our children’s weddings and it always ends up being so much fun! This night was no different!

As we sat and talked with Steph about her upcoming wedding and honeymoon, we somehow discovered a “secret” she had been keeping. It seems whenever she shopped in various stores, she would not give them her own phone number because she didn’t want to receive phone calls from their telemarketers. When we asked what number she had been giving over the years, she replied, “Dad and Mom’s home phone.”

Her brothers howled with laughter as her dad sputtered out a loud, “What?”

The laughter continued for so long, our sides hurt from it, and tears ran down my face.

Our evening was a wonderful time, tucked in between the rehearsal and the wedding. A time to reminisce and laugh together. A special time to verbally bless and affirm Steph before she stepped into the new day awaiting her!

Whenever we gather like this, I am overwhelmed by the gift of family! I never want to take them for granted. I want to savor every moment. Incredible moments…filled with joy and fun. Rich with love and care.

Truly priceless!

After Rehearsal Dinner 2          (Here I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. And Steph is laughing at her Dad’s reaction to his new discovery!)





“All these things……..

November 27, 2011 — 3 Comments
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“And Mary treasured all these things in her heart.”

I love how this verse clearly says she treasured “all” these things!

I believe from the moment the angel told her she would carry the Son of God in her womb, Mary began to treasure every moment she shared with this child. Although Mary’s situation was one-of-a-kind, I truly believe most mothers experience this kind of “treasuring”.

When our children and their families gather at our home for the holidays, it’s a crazy, wonderful time! The house is filled with grandchildren flitting from room to room, pets stalking each other, and our adult children laughing and joking together. I may be in the kitchen preparing a meal, but my heart is attuned to the good-natured banter going on around me! It’s in these moments, unknown by anyone around me, that I silently open my hidden “treasure chest” and tuck away these beautiful and real moments!

In this niche in my heart I have stored things as simple as the sound of a granddaughter’s laughter as she watched a squirrel race up a tree, a special conversation with a daughter-in-law, or a kiss on the forehead of my grown son before I went to bed! Though the moments weren’t big, they were stashed into this private treasure trove!

Here are just a few “moments” from this Thanksgiving weekend:

*For our Thanksgiving meal this year I set three tables, but the kids and grandkids decided on their own to crowd around one table, because they didn’t want to be in separate rooms. Every time I looked at them smooshed together as they ate and shared what they were thankful for, the treasuring ensued.

*Our traditional trip to Santa’s Woods to pick out our Christmas tree, was made special by it being our new daughter-in-law’s first time to go with us! The boys always take a football and play catch in the open spaces or hide-n-seek with the little ones among the trees. As soon as I hear their laughter ring out through the field, the treasure chest opens and in goes the moment!

Our oldest son, Dan and his family usually travel back home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year our son, Drew and his wife Kate came over early to make breakfast (as a surprise) for the family and to have a little more time with Dan and his family. Around the table our noisy, jammie-clad clan, enjoyed yummy peanut butter french toast and cinnamon pancakes…..and

…..yes….I treasured ALL these things in my heart!








Our youngest son, Drew, turned 23 a few days ago, and he requested a family pizza party at home, followed by ice cream cake. After the meal was finished and packages were opened, Drew eagerly sat up straight in his chair, cleared his throat and stated, “Now it’s time for my strength bombardment,”

We first began strength bombardments when our children were very young. Doing this exercise meant we would go around the table and tell the “birthday person” what we loved and liked about them. The person receiving the complements could only say “thank you” or something equivalent, but could not refute what had already been stated. Sometimes tears would be shed as we talked, while other times uproarious laughter would break out. In the end the goal always remained the same — the person receiving the positive input was built up and encouraged.

“I love the way you love my children, and how you’re such a good friend to me.”

“You’re my best friend.”

“I love how we have so much fun together.”

“I think you’re a really great father to your kids.”

“I think you are a very wise young man.”

“I can tell you anything and know you won’t judge me for it.”

These are just a few of the feelings they will share with each other. Who knew this simple verbal exercise in encouragement would lead to such priceless moments?”

Seeing the anticipation on Drew’s face as he announced it was time for his strength bombardment, caused me to realize the deep significance of our family tradition. It was the power found in speaking words of life! Words affirming his character and confirming his value and worth, as well as his significance to his siblings and parents. Witnessing the power of this moment deepened my conviction regarding the scripture in Proverbs.

“…the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” NLT

Drew’s birthday celebration began with pizza and cake, but ended by tasting the fruit of words containing the power of life!

Loving words bombarded his heart and resulted in strength!