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“It’s soooooo scary in there, Gramma!”

“Why is it scary in the girls’ bathroom, Claire?” I asked.

“Because someone told us a bad dream about creepy things in the girls’ bathroom here at school, and now I’m scared too.”

“Well, it was only a dream, so there’s nothing to be afraid of Sweetie.” I soothingly said, as I hugged her.

“It doesn’t feel that way!” she stated emphatically, as she headed off to her classroom.

I watched her walk away and instantly realized my plan for my upcoming Bible Class was definitely taking a new direction. As I walked behind her and into her classroom, the discussion of the “scariness” of the bathroom was in full swing. Obviously, it provided the perfect place to start the discussion!

“Where do dreams come from?” I asked.

“From our imaginations.” several replied.

“Yes, sometimes.” I replied. “But, they can also come from God or from the devil. Let’s talk about how we can tell the difference, and what to do with bad dreams once we have one.”

We discussed these matters. Especially important was what to do when we wake up in the night from a bad dream, and how it’s not a good idea to tell other “little people” our dream, because it makes them afraid too.

Toward the end of class, I started to quote the scripture in 2 Corinthians about “taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ”, but stopped momentarily to contemplate how to make it more relatable to their age. That’s when I spotted one of the younger girls wildly waving her hand and waiting for me to call on her.

This little girl loves to chime in, and I often have to check with her before she shares, to see if she’s tracking with me on what we’re discussing. I took a moment to inquire about the matter and she assured me it was relevant to our subject.

In her sweet voice she stated , “Miss Cheri’, here’s what I have ‘figured out’ to do with bad dreams. I take the bad dream and I put it in this little jail back here in my mind, and I put little handcuffs on the dream and tell it to stay in the jail, and that it can’t come out. And if it tries to come out, I tell it NO, you can’t come out and talk to me! You have to stay in jail!”

I am quite sure my mouth dropped open as she shared her insights. And then I started laughing! Laughing with joy at the ingenuity of the precious Holy Spirit!

There it was! A child-like truth wrapped in a child’s voice, applied with child-like faith, BUT carrying a knockout punch! 

Clearly…”the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”